The Easy Answer and the Long Wait


The dimwittery of cable news can’t be overestimated. We’re heading into a new presidential election and the anchors keep asking this question: Do the Democrats want someone who will beat Donald Trump or someone whose policies are agreeable to them?

Think about the downright stupidity of the question. Then think about how many times it gets asked as a serious political analysis.

It’s like the Blue Wave of the 2018 Midterms never happened. There weren’t a lot of Dems out there wondering whether to give a seat to a Republican because they considered their party’s candidate an outlier on some political issue. Nope. We wanted to take back Congress. And we took the House.

The cable heads still live in this vacuous bubble of false equations and simpleton formulas where Democratic candidates and voters will cannibalize each other for purity principles. So they make up these “principles” just as quickly as they can, hoping to lure us into internecine fights. At the first scent of a difference, they are on it! Reparations – who is for it? Who’s against? The electoral college. Joe vs Beto. Lots of donations vs paltry donations. Centrist vs leftist. Democrat vs Socialist. Impeachment vs indictment vs anything else. This is cable news in action – full court press – searching for division.

But the other half of their false equation is more ludicrous. How can they even question what our prime directive is? We want Trump gone. Period. We don’t need to beat up each other to get that done. We need to vote en masse. As long as our voting machines are still intact, that is all that matters. Our votes. Everyone is invited to the polling station, regardless of party persuasion. If you want to correct the last years, then the answer is simple. Vote for the nominee opposing Trump.

Democrats are really just waiting for that opportunity. Gritting our teeth for the nonsense that will come our way in the intervening months – mostly from the talking heads – waiting it out and then doing what must be done – the only thing that we care about – throwing Trump out and congratulating whomever is the Democratic president.

The answer is simple. Now will the script writers wake up and join the real world?

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