Just Say NO!, Stacey

I’m having a visceral reaction to rumors that Joe Biden plans to pre-select his VP nominee and that Stacey Abrams is his choice.

This has all the drippings of rank, white male political strategy, which is concerned less with the individual value of a person and more with that person’s benefit to the guy.

Don’t do it, Stacey.

At this point, I also believe that Joe Biden rightfully understands he is the weakest candidate among the top Blue hopefuls, despite his poll numbers. And when he plants his eyeballs on Stacey Abrams, a powerful, popular, Black woman from a Bible Belt southern state, his fragility as a candidate is screaming from every street corner, church sanctuary and peach grove. Not to mention the covens and action groups like Onward Together, Emily’s List and Planned Parenthood. Bottom line: women do not want a white male in the White House and dressing up the Number Two spot with a different gender is nothing more than a subjugation of women’s power – particularly women of color.

Don’t do it, Stacey. Never relegate yourself. Especially, never relegate yourself to an old white guy with the embarassment of Professor Anita Hill hanging perpetually around his neck. You are not his savior. Save yoursrelf for something much better.

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