Trump Launches Revenge Campaign Against the Press, Democrats

The Trump Campaign sent a chilling memo to “Television Producers” in the wake of Attorney General Bill Barr’s letter, chastising them for airing “false claims” about Donald Trump and warning them to reconsider a host of guests.

The two page letter sent by communications director Tim Murtaugh titled “Credibility of Certain Guests,” reads like a page out of an authoritarian handbook.

Infringing on the Constitutional rights of broadcast journalism is a frightening effect following the conclusion of the Special Counsel’s investigation. The memo names four Democratic members of Congress, a former CIA Director and the DNC Chair. The details show the Trump campaign kept a record of each guest’s appearance, the date, network and name of the program and includes quoted material by each person. This degree of specificity comports with rumors of an enemies list within the bowels of Trump’s White House.

All networks receiving the letter are domestic and include the major networks NBC and MSNBC, CBS and CNN. Not included were Fox, ABC and PBS.

Additionally, the White House press secretary Sarah Sanders fired off salvos on air and on Twitter. The press secretary posted a detailed graphic to her followers, calling it “Mueller Madness” with names and photos of TV anchors including Rachel Maddow, Don Lemon, Joe Scarborough and Chris Hayes. A host of others were also on her hit list, including Ana Navarro, Benjamin Wittes, Paul Krugman and Richard Painter. Calling these individuals “angry and hysterical @realDonaldTrump haters,” the press secretary urges her followers to vote on who “got it most embarassingly wrong,” as if she were some tortured Vanna White on a White House Squares game show.

The Trump regime has launched a full scale war against its critics with the American media and Democratic members of Congress in the bulls eye.

Never forget: THIS IS NOT NORMAL.

Below is the letter sent to TV networks.

D2hqnetXQAULa2T.jpg large
D2hqnetXQAULa2T.jpg large

The press secretary’s tweet, dated 25 March 2019.



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