The Words of Others

Because I am full of words but can’t frame them right now. Because I am overwhelmed. Because these people say exactly what needs to be said.

First, here’s @colbymommy whose Twitter profile is spot on:

Priorities: 1. Get the fucking MOB out of the WH and Congress. 2. Reinstate the Fairness Doctrine. 3. Abolish Citizen’s United. 4. Deprogram the masses.

Her ten-tweet thread ends with optimism and a plea and its center is a mix of the fucked up reality of this moment. (I keep repeating: Germany was a democracy until Hitler became its chancellor. It can happen here. It can happen here.)

Next is Tom Joseph. I don’t know this account but he’s a good read. This one tweet caught my eye:

and the FBI Records Vault posted its archive investigation on the Trump Organization:

I’ll need to read the Trump Org archive next. How updated is it? Does it include the newest investigations? Probably not. But still, culling damning info has just become a tad easier – unless it’s a cover-up.

Lastly, the good words of Greg Olear. He’s written a book called DIRTY RUBLES: An Introduction to Trump/Russia. Six monts after publishing his book, in November 2018, Olear posted the following thread. I’ve copied the start of it.


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