Close the Border? Only If You Are An Idiot.

It would be fun to simply blow away Trump’s threat to close down the U.S. border with Mexico. A video by Randy Rainbow would be perfect  (I’m hearing “Border Lies”) but sadly, this newest bluster is serious.

Seriously, it shows the world the abject stupidity of the guy who casts himself as a dealmaker – business whiz.

“I’ll just close the border, and with a deficit like we have with Mexico and have had for many years, closing the border will be a profit-making operation,” Trump said Friday at Mar-a-Lago.

Yes, that’ll do the trick! Just shutdown the border and Mexico’s surplus will immediately plummet into the red zone.

The first thing to note is that Trump’s reasoning is purely emotional. He’s ticked off because Mexico, our third largest trading partner, has a surplus. It’s the same reason he has such anger toward Angela Merkel, who heads up Germany and its strong trading surplus. Trump has this megalomanic view of himself and that extends to being numero uno in all things linked to his name. So he hates that another country, especially a brown-skinned, Spanish-speaking nation, can legitimately boast of its trade even when that success is linked to the United States.

This is more than the emotional disarray of a 72-year-old fool though. Trump’s ‘fix’ to the U.S. deficit is ignorant and illogical. Take a look at the interdependence of U.S. markets and Mexican suppliers. Here’s how the Center on Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California broke it down:

Mexico has become the U.S.’ third-largest trading partner and is the second-largest buyer of U.S. exports. To put this into context, Mexico buys more U.S. goods than all of the nations of Latin America and the Caribbean together; buys more U.S. exports than the U.K., France, Germany, and Italy put together; purchases more than the joint imports of U.S. products by Japan and China; and more than the four so-called BRIC nations combined.

When Trump whines about our trade deficit with Mexico, he is complaining about all those exports. Stop and think. Who benefits from the sale of U.S. exports? Why it is American manufacturers, who employ American workers, who put U.S. money into the American economy.

Now, I’m no economic expert but why in the world would a U.S. president purposefully screw up the profits of American businesses and their workforce just so he could boast that the U.S. has a trade surplus and Mexico does not? Only an idiot would propose such an idiotic thing.

By the way, closing the border will have some effect on those exports but it will not shut them down. Trump in his dotage must have forgotten about the big machines in the air that carry cargo over borders. But sealing Mexico from the United States will cause immediate havoc upon the many Americans who travel everyday from home to work, traversing from one country into another. A Vox news article claims that “[n]early half a million people cross the border legally every day through Texas ports alone.

In the same article, Vox put the threatened Trump border closure in plain terms:

Shutting down ports of entry would be an economic disaster. It would also disrupt the lives of border communities that rely on the flow of people between the US and Mexico — including the major cities of San Diego (and Tijuana) and El Paso (and Ciudad Juarez).

Sadly, all this information is impenetrable and meaningless to the Dotard occupying the Oval Office. He’s ginning up a new batch of invective for 2020 and because he lacks imagination as well as intelligence, Mexico is his default target.

We get it. And we don’t need to be geniuses to understand this is jaw dropping imbecility posing as economic policy. We only need to use that American common sense and practicality.

What the hell, enjoy yourself! It’s Saturday. Here’s Randy Rainbow!


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