Shameful CNN Pitches for Trump

Why does CNN get the brunt of Trump anger when it muffs information and dumbs down its audiences in the fashion he so desires?

I just listened to a two-minute interview between a New Day anchor and a member of the House of Representatives. Two subjects were covered: one, the “Barr report” and two, the “influx” at the border. The questions were the same stupid ones repeated days ago and regurgitated on a near hourly basis.

Why does Congress need the unredacted report?, asks the male anchor. And to muddy the waters, CNN inserts a soundbite of Senator Mazie Hirono saying the House Judiciary must have it for impeachment. Didn’t Speaker Pelosi say impeachment was off the table? CNN purposefully misinterprets Pelosi’s statement, juxtaposes it in a broader conversation as if to insinuate that Democrats simply want the Mueller report for impeachment.

This line of questioning is irresponsible and dense. More than that, it ignores the Constitutional right of Congress as a coequal branch of government to receive the full and unredacted report. And while performing this disservice, CNN turns a blind eye to history, refuses to absorb the data that it possesses on the subject, blurs the line between releases to Congress and to the public and lastly, aids Trump in his victimization saga.

Rather than practice an impartial professional inquiry, CNN bows to the blustering rage of the tin pot wannabe dictator, frightened away by that letter to “News Producers”. It disregards not only the crucial significance of the Special Counsel’s investigation but the legitimate rights of Congress and the public’s overwhelming desire to know the results. But on a more crass level, that anchor treats his audience with the same condescension as Trump. The litany of already-answered questions, the loaded questions, the flat and one-dimensional questions – they all say the same thing – CNN believes its audience is stupid and apathetic, and if not, it’ll do its best to achieve that stupidity and apathy.

The second subject highlighted Trump’s threat to close the Mexican border. That this ill-advised, racist and unnecessary idea was given legitimacy by CNN is its first mistake. But then the New Day anchor described the approach of asylum-seekers as an “influx,” stopping just short of labeling it an invasion. Trump must have ordered roses for the anchor. He must be beaming with delight. His raging xenophobia is being adopted by CNN and dripped out in venomous blurbs by witless functionaries who have lost all connection with the term journalist.

Shame on you, CNN. Shame on New Day. Shame on you, Victor Blackwell for your ignorance. The American public does not want Trump lapdogs posing as journalists. We want informed anchors not propagandists.

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