A Beautiful Day in the Neighborhood

Forget for a few hours the crooks in D.C., stop wondering why the Dotard and Javanka and Junior and so many more are not indicted.

Feast your eyes on Spring.

Here it is…

This luscious wonder arose from a bromeliad that long ago outgrew its pot but sat dormant for years. Suddenly, this flowering phoenix is lavishing bloom after multicolored bloom.

bromeliad 7



All glory to the humble Lantana! When I was a kid, the flame-orange variant was everywhere – a Florida denizen, known for its persistence through heat, drought and neglect, and for its bitter scent. To many natives, it was just a weed. Look at her now. Hybridized, popularized, sold at garden shops and cherished by a fresh population of expats from the northern climes. Lantana, my love for you is longstanding.


The tender Shooting Star is awakening. Slowly. After suffering through a brief night of winter and the trauma of many relocations, it’s now claiming its name with a mini galaxy of purple buds and flowerlets.


Queen Emma, garden royalty, previews its splendors. The lily stalk grows straight up from a home of regal purple leaves, bearing a half-dozen blooms. This Hawaiian lovely is in its second year, and hasn’t reached its full height (6-7′) or profusion of blooms.


Aah. I feel better. And still to come: the frangipani, powder puff, calla lilies, pretty purples, blues, reds and other unnamed garden gifts. Not shared today are my Night Blooming Jasmine. I complained about their astringent scent a few months ago. They are in bloom now, sending a wave of sweetness each time I open my backdoor during a late night worry.

Life moves on.

“So let the world go, but hold fast to joy.”
May Sarton, Selected Poems

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