Mueller Didn’t Save Us

The women at Gaslit Nation have been telling us this for a while. “Mueller won’t save us. No one’s coming to save us.” For nearly two years, we’ve pinned all our hopes on Robert Mueller – the Marine on the white horse.

Well, he did not save us.

Mueller did not indict the mobster in the White House. He did not conclude that the Putin stooge, the Kremlin lackey, the amoral dotard was conspiring with our enemy. He left alone Kushner, Ivanka, Junior, Eric.

Instead, Mueller nabbed a fixer, a flunky, a henchmen, a sycophant, a few low lifes. He indicted a bunch of Russians. Then he tossed his findings to Congress. Make that half of Congress – the House Democrats.

But Mueller did not save us.

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  1. Agreed; he didn’t get out of his Justice Department lane, but gave a map for others to pursue. The corruption goes deep, beyond the White House occupant, so we’re stalled. Since he can’t afford to leave office, without threat of prosecution, he can’t risk losing the 2020 election. That makes him increasingly dangerous. His mobster cult followers have their identity wedded to Trump’s, so expect the worst from them including street clashes. And then there’s Putin’s darling Bernie Sanders who is intent on defining himself by shredding the Democratic Party. It’s a hot mess, and here at a time that the earth needs protection from chemical companies, and other energy-industries. That the Senate last week voted 56-41 to confirm David Bernhardt, Trump’s pick for secretary of the interior is insane. He’s devoted to opening public land to energy companies, at any environmental cost, and has a scheme to debilitate the ESA and hamper safety and environmental rules on gas and oil drilling equipment. With this perspective, hobbling Trump over the next 18 months is essential, and it’s going to take an army of his detractors to make it possible.


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