Buried in the Report: BERNIE SANDERS

You don’t have to dig too deep in the Mueller Report to find the snippet below. It’s on page 23 of the first volume, describing the Internet Research Agency (IRA), an illicit Russian group of social media hucksters and hackers that wreaked havoc during the 2016 election.

Mueller got his hands on internal IRA documents, perhaps a gift from one of our Eastern European allies. Or perhaps one of the four Russian hackers sitting in U.S. custody was persuaded to offer up the data.

At any rate, there is this excerpt, partly redacted to prevent “Harm to Ongoing Matter” and voila, here are the names of two familiar American presidential candidates: [Bernie] Sanders and [Donald] Trump.


Now the American voting public can see what many of us have shouted for the last three years – the Russian government explicitly supported the campaign of Bernie Sanders. Its military intelligence arm, that massive troll factory, Guccifer 2.0, DCLeaks, its cutouts – WikiLeaks and Assange – all bent on attacking Hillary Clinton and her supporters, were likewise intent on promoting Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders.

“Main idea: Use any opportunity to criticize Hillary [Clinton] and the rest (except Sanders and Trump – we support them).”

Heck, Bernie even got top billing. His name is mentioned before Donald. Special Counsel Robert Mueller wanted us to see this. Not for nothing is the name of Bernie Sanders entwined with that of the Russians. And with Trump. What’s good for the goose is good for the Sanders.

This is personal. If you were one of the many attacked in 2016 by vicious trolls and Bernie Bros (like me) or threatened with rape and death (like me) or had computers hacked and destroyed (like me) or your IP address was put on a “watch list” (like me) or you were mocked or blocked for daring to question Bernie’s allegiance or his backers or his suspicious and illegal campaign funding (like me), well rest easy. For a moment.

There, the moment is over.

Now, ask yourself why Sanders appeared on Fox News with his new, wrinkle-free face. Why are Karl Rove and Ann Coulter suddenly enchanted with Bernie? Ask why he turns away when asked about impeaching Trump.

I’ve said it before, many times: Bernie Sanders is Putin Phase 2. He’s the failsafe option should Trump become unusable.

Mueller has warned us. Wake up America.

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