Stop Defending Joe Biden

Just stop.

The media and a number of Democrats are forgiving Joe Biden for EVERYTHING.


He’s white. He’s male. Those are reasons #1 and #2.

So we can just toss out the “I’m a feminist” and “I condemn racism” tags because that’s bullshit.

Reason #3 has more to do with the media. It wants Biden for the basest of reasons: ratings. It is counting on a dogfight between Biden and the current occupant of the White House.

Biden is savvy enough to know this and his announcement video banged that gong. His entire campaign approach is an arrogant flip of the hand to the dozen or so qualified Democratic contenders.

In particular, Biden has ignored Kamala Harris, Amy Klobuchar and Elizabeth Warren as well as Julian Castro – extremely capable minority candidates who reflect the growing diversity of the American electorate.

This sounds like…gasp, a candidate who considers himself the annointed one.

I suppose it’s too jaded to think Biden is leapfrogging off the tragedy of Charlottesville to cast himself in the spotlight. Who’s the genius behind this? Surely, a former Bernie Sanders guy with experience creating an anti-racist history where none existed.

Since his skip-the-primaries video announcement, cable news has been wild with excitement, drooling over each stupid Trump tweet and Biden riposte.

We the people hear from the pundits now.

We hear that Biden’s involvement in the Anita Hill hearings doesn’t really matter: he followed procedure, and anyway, that was long ago and we must move forward. In other words, the hell with the #MeToo Movement. It’s inconvenient.

And Biden will not apologize to Dr. Hill. Nope. Not even when coached by the women on The View.

We know another old, white guy who absolutely refuses to apologize to women he has harmed. Right?

We hear that Biden isn’t a policy wonk and that’s ok. That’s “getting in the weeds,” and presumably, Americans are too stupid to get policy anyway – just look at what happened to Hillary Clinton.

Oh, and the Crime Bill. The pundits move quickly past this. They don’t want the electorate knowing how he warned of “predators on the streets” while pushing for what became a program directed at people of color. That’s too damn close to the “super predator” remark made once by Hillary Clinton, and for which she was relentlessly pilloried and portrayed as a racist.

Hey, not sweet Uncle Joe. He’s not a racist! No, he’s a good guy, the great white hope, and he’s waited a long time for this and it’s his turn, damnit.

And, how about the “I’m an Obama-Biden Democrat,” who could not get the former president’s endorsement? Have you thought about that for ten minutes? I have.

Joe Biden has a long road ahead. He must prove his mettle – and do it without his cable news enablers. He’s not going to make it with the white man’s vote – and that is the only demographic he is stoking right now – like another old white guy with entitlement issues.


  1. As much as I admire the author of this opinion (I share her posts often in a, perhaps fruitless, attempt to share her insight into critical issues) I strongly disagree with her relatively shallow look at Joe Biden, and her “hey, look at me” use of the MeToo movement hashtag. This is, after all, her opinion and I respect everyone’s right to their opinions so I’ll continue to read the posts on this blog with the understanding that ” one bad apple doesn’t spoil the whole bunch”.

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    1. Thanks for your openness to different opinions. I’m perplexed with your take on what you call my “hey, look at me” use of the MeToo movement hashtag.” Would you talk more about that?


      1. In short, the #MeToo movement IS a good idea- which was started in 2006 by a woman no gives credit to; but it has been used repeatedly by many who have no legitimate reason to claim “harm” by “old white men”. He never said “to hell with it [the #MeToo] movement”. That’s your conclusion but still an opinion that can carry a lot of weight with your readers so it appears you’ve abused it too, but project that on Biden. You’ve used that hashtag to attack one individual whom you don’t like, yet didn’t apply it to all of the other “old white men” and that, too, is an abuse of it,- perhaps to get more readers? You also correlate Biden’s ‘touches’ with Trump’s “grab ’em by the pussy” comments and his adulterous lifestyle which goes far goes far beyond anything Biden has done. Biden shouldn’t be compared to Trump in his treatment of women which is what you seem to do when asking if another old white man can be though of in that area of activity. Two entirely different situations and actions. Yes, Biden has- gasp- touched a few women on their shoulders or back- more an act of encouragement than an assault but several women have tried (only recently) to make it into an attack on their bodies, while admitting they saw nothing sexual in its attempt.
        Many men of Biden’s generation (you know, those “old white guys”) do the same because there is nothing nefarious in doing those things and, strangely, none of those women complained until they thought Biden would be running for President and they could suddenly get their “15 minutes of fame” or brief mentions in print or on our newsertainment that passes for television news these days. That’s what I meant by the “hey, look at me too” attitude which is an abuse of what it was originally intended to convey and debases the hashtag itself. The MeToo movement is a good thing, but is being overused and abused by some and has begun to lose its original purpose.
        As for the slam of him not getting Obama’s endorsement, can you get any lower or more insulting that? Obama will endorse the Primary winner as he has said repeatedly when questioned. He’s made it clear that he doesn’t want to “tilt” the field in any candidate’s favor, so for you to say that is not only uninformed but a direct slam on Biden. Has ANYONE received Obama’s endorsement? No, but you leave that out and just claim Biden is somehow weak and unfit because HE hasn’t received something that doesn’t yet exist. Perhaps that “more than ten minutes” you thought about it wasn’t quite enough if you missed that basic fact. The 1994 crime bill that became a source of much evil- Biden didn’t pass it alone; a majority of the House and at least 66 Senators in addition to Biden passed it and Clinton signed it so their all as guilty or more so than any single Senator or Congress-person.
        If I’m defending Biden, it’s against him being painted with a broad brush, just as I would defend any other candidate singled out for condemnation.


      2. Thanks for your opinion.

        I need to correct a few things. First, I am a survivor of multiple instances of sexual assault. To accuse me of “abusing” #MeToo is pure arrogance. Perhaps in your defense of Biden, you might have stopped for at least “ten minutes” to consider who it is you are lambasting and accusing of abuse. I’ll go further and suggest that in your daily interactions with women, you stop for ten minutes before issuing condemnations. Just a thought…

        As far as Biden hugging people, I did not mention that anywhere in my post. That’s your thing.

        I referred specifically to his involvement in the Anita Hill hearings. This is something he did as a legislator and, it deserves review by the media – not whitewashing.

        I also brought up the fact that he refuses to apologize to Dr. Hill.

        As far as the other “old white guy,” I was referring to Trump. Guess you didn’t make that connection. Instead, you personalized it and then decided you needed to attack me.

        I have more to say but I am not sure you are listening.


      3. Couple of things Mr. Xplorer:

        1) I’m not posting your other two comments. You made your point. Your tit-for-tat arguing is infused with unnecessary anger. You don’t get to attack me on my blog.

        2) As a representative Biden supporter, you’ve proven my point.

        You are not welcomed back here.


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