TRUMP TAX WOES: The Rattle of Paper and Gnashing of Teeth

That noise you hear is the sound of the gavel and the simultaneous gnashing of teeth at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

It was a day of impotent rage for the New York wheeler dealer/reality star/acting president as one cannon after another blew through Donald Trump’s thick veil of secrecy.

Each decision means the financial transparency we expect of American presidents is that much nearer to becoming real.

And as the web of Trump’s secret companies and multinational transactions will finally be revealed, Americans and Congress can see for themselves what he’s tried so desperately to hide.

Here’s what happened.

Yesterday, the legislature of NY State sent a bill to Gov. Cuomo that allows Congressional committees access to Trump’s state tax returns when the U.S. Treasury refuses.

Cuomo is expected to sign the bill into law.

Three committees – the House Ways and Means and the Senate Finance Committee and the Joint Committee on Taxation — could ask for the NY tax documents. These will mirror much of what is contained in Trump’s federal returns since his residence and business is headquartered in that state.

Meanwhile, the House Intelligence and Financial Services committees won round two in a subpoena battle for Trump’s financial records from Deutsche Bank and Capital One. A second federal court ruled in favor of the panels and against Trump’s lawyers for a second time in three weeks. This decision sweeps up not only Donald Trump’s transactions going back decades but those of his business and family members including son-in-law Jared Kushner.

Judge Edgardo Ramos gave the Trump camp one week to appeal his ruling. Ramos agreed that Congress must fulfill its oversight role and delay hampers its ability to do so.

The Ramos ruling follows one in which a D.C. court ordered Trump’s accounting firm, Mazars, to comply with a House Oversight subpoena. The Trump legal team promptly appealed, setting up another likely loss in expedited fashion.

As Trump was assailed by the rule of law in federal court, he met his comeuppance in the form of Nancy Pelosi.

Speaking to the press after a meeting of her caucus, the Speaker of the House indicted the president with obstruction.

“We believe the president is engaged in a cover-up,” said Pelosi just an hour or so prior to a scheduled infrastructure meeting with him.

The assertion was more than The Donald could handle. After angrily stomping out of their meeting, he took to the Rose Garden where he absurdly claimed, “I don’t do cover-ups,” and declared he wouldn’t cooperate with the legislature until the “phony investigations” stopped.

Rattle rattle, shuffle shuffle. The sound of all that paper is getting louder.

However, the terror consuming Donald Trump requires a 24/7 watch. We don’t want his panic button to include the nuclear codes.

FEATURED PHOTO of Trump’s handwritten notes captured by @jabinbotsford on 22 May 2019 presser.


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