Second Choice Votes Reveal Gender, Race and Age Bias

What happens when your candidate fails to win the nomination? Who becomes your second choice?

A group of registered Democrats were asked this question in the Morning Consult poll taken just after the Democrats’ first debate. Their answers are no doubt being studied by the leading contenders for clues and direction.

Gender, age and race definitely play a role in this group of polled Democrats.

Here’s how they voted.

Second Choice: Sanders by 32%

Second Choice: Biden by 27%

Second Choice: Harris by 27%

Second Choice: Warren by 23%

Second Choice: Harris by 29%

Enthusiasts for the two older white male candidates chose an older, white male as their second choice. Gender, age and skin color define their presidential preferences. A woman for president is simply not a reality most are ready to accept. For the Sanders supporters, a woman of color is an especially bitter pill. Only eight percent selected Kamala Harris as their second choice. This gives new life to all the Bernie Bro tropes of 2016. Harris has a far better chance of winning over Biden folks: 15% selected her as their second choice. This could be a direct result of her June debate questioning of Biden. Chipping away at his candidacy makes increasing sense.

What also pops out is the potential base for Kamala Harris. She tied with Elizabeth Warren for third place, garnering 12% of the favorability vote in this survey. However, Harris is surging nationwide as evidenced by other polls. Should she knock out her nearest competitors, Harris has strength among both the Warren and Buttigieg camps.

Last but not least, the Buttigieg supporters showed the most openness to diversity, selecting two female candidates (Harris and Warren) and Cory Booker as their second choices.  They also appear to be Never Bernie voters.

SOURCE: Morning Consult, Post-Debate Special: The State of the Democratic Primary


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