For Buttigieg, Money Can’t Buy Love

Pete Buttigieg may have hauled in a payload for his second quarter fundraising but all those millions are not translating into high poll numbers.

His campaign was first among Dem candidates to report – and the figure is impressive – $24.8 million in donations. Thus far, his 294,000 donors have outdone the million supporters of Bernie Sanders and the quarter million who gave to former vice president Joe Biden. The campaigns of Kamala Harris and Elizabeth Warren have yet to release their newest set of financials.

However we do know that something is out of kilter with the Buttigieg run. He consistently polls in the single digits, lagging behind the top contenders.

The newest crop of polls is evidence of this disparity between Buttigieg’s likeability and funding. And these are all post-debate surveys, which means he didn’t get a bump from his performance, even if his funding figure jumped.

Here’s how Buttigieg is faring with the most recent polls.

July 3

ABC News/Washington Post
4% – Fifth place ranking

8% – Fifth place ranking

July 2

4% – Fifth place ranking

3% – Fifth place ranking

USA Today/Suffolk
6% – Fourth place ranking

July 1

4% – Fifth place ranking

The Hill/Harris X
6% – Fifth place ranking

June 30

Politico/Morning Consult
6% – Fifth place ranking

In fact, Buttigieg is actually less favorable now than he was just days prior to the June debate. Virginia voters gave him an 11% rating on June 20; The Economist clocked him at 9 points the same day; and he earned 9% of a USA Today survey on the 19th.

Yes, Buttigieg scored big with his donors but he’s on a downward spiral as far as public opinion, and judging from the polls, he lost points when he opened his mouth onstage.

Nevertheless, Buttigieg and his big bucks will be sticking around for awhile longer. Time will tell if that $25 million can fix his low favorability.

SOURCE: Real Clear Politics, Latest 2020 Democratic Presidential Primary Polls


1 Comment

  1. Boot Edge-Edge “and his big bucks?”

    Sounds like someone isn’t a fanboi.

    Please note that not even Nate Silver is a Nate Silver. What I’m recommending is that ya might not want to declare the poll stats game your religion, ‘cos chances of burning in some Hell become that much more likely.

    Good fundraising begets good ground game (not to mention ad buy saturation. These beget polling boosts. If the candidate is worthy of the begetting, of course. Magnana Mouse hasn’t endorsed yet (other than that “anyone but the rapist” candidacy). But, Mayor Pete is most certainly deserving of contention for it.


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