Meet Iran, The New Patsy

He is laying the groundwork now.

In November 2020, when Americans vote en masse to remove Donald Trump and replace him with the Democratic nominee, the impeached occupant of the White House will refuse to accept the results. He will rant from his digital bully pulpit that the votes were fixed; the election a fraud. He will claim it yet another in his endless line of hoaxes. But with a twist.

“Iran hacked the election!”

We can see it coming now.

But in ten months, will we recall how Trump ordered the assassination by drone of a top government official (military commander Qasem Soleimani) of a sovereign nation (Iran) on the soil of an American ally (Iraq) without that country’s permission? Will we remember how Trump killed Soleimani without the foreknowledge of the Gang of Eight in Congress? Or how he publicly threatened Iran with explicit war crimes (bombing cultural sites) should it retaliate? The escapade won’t be fresh; the “razor thin” rationale of an imminent threat will have faded, along with its defense by Trump’s trio of sycophants: Pompeo, Graham and Esper.

Right now, we are focused on the wag-the-dog theory motivating Trump’s barbaric actions: detracting from the imminent threat of his Senate impeachment trial. That, and distancing public attention from the subject of his crimes, i.e., the deceit of Ukraine’s interference in the 2016 election, crafted by Giuliani and his henchmen. And lest we forget, the Ukraine fraud is a deranged subterfuge meant to gaslight the American people, trash our intelligence agencies and shield Putin from his proven criminal conspiracy to elect Donald Trump. And this is where the snake eats its tail. It is all connected.

Today our immediate response expeditionary forces are prepping for duty somewhere in the Mideast. Iraq voted to kick-out the U.S. military. And every hour on the hour, newscasters scare the bejesus out of us with anxious questions: How will Iran respond? Will it be a military strike, a civilian hit or gasp… CYBER? Voice overs tell the worried public that Iran will retaliate at a time of its choosing, that it plays the long game, and yes, it is savvy with cyber.

Iran is the new patsy. Gone is China. Say goodbye to Rocket Boy, adios to Ukraine and sayonara to Russia. From here on out, Iran is the Bad Guy, the bully on the block, victim Trump’s 2020 nemesis.

“Iran hacked the election!”

Of course, Trump is too stupid to originate such a devious plan. Fortunately, he is privy to the advice of his handler, an old KGB agent with experience in such things. Coincidentally, Putin and Trump chatted about “matters of mutual interest” just days before Soleimani was executed.

Remember this in ten months. Better yet, know it now. The game is on.


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