Say YES!

Just Say No… to old white guys and the young white guy.

Just say No to Joe and his anachronistic policy positions and “annointed one” rhetoric. Say No to Bernie with his vile ‘bros’ and his screaming socialism. Say No to the condescending and presumptuous mayor with lackluster credentials. Say No to the former Republican, the heartless opportunist who endorsed Hillary Clinton in her ascendancy and then stabbed her in the back post- election. Say No to the other Senator who has no standout policies and negligible public support.

Say No to the Yang Gang and their namesake, whose $1000 a month stipend to Americans and his disdain for vaccines should give us a long pause and question what other oddities exist in his mind. Say No to the latecomer billionaire – but yes, accept his money.

Say Maybe to the man who led the nationwide demand for Impeachment, who rightly calls our climate emergency the severest global issue we face, who bravely and cogently gets to the root cause of political corruption, the smartest guy in the race, who keeps his mission doable – Tom Steyer.

Say YES to the one candidate who is young enough, smart enough, tough enough, pragmatic enough to lead the Democratic party to victory – Amy Klobuchar.

This is the candidate who has successfully worked with Republicans as colleagues and beaten them when they were her opposition.

Amy Klobuchar put climate change action at the top of her list, vowing to rejoin the Paris Accords during her first 100 Days. She puts a halt to internecine squabbling on the debate stage, stands up to smartass SCOTUS nominees and stands up for unions as the daughter of union parents.

Klobuchar is not giving away our tax dollars to college students from wealthy families; she will offer help to those suffering from the opioid epidemic and adult children of aging parents struggling with overwhelming health costs. And, importantly, her healthcare policy is a consistent endorsement of the expansion of Obama’s ACA.

Amy Klobuchar has no ghosts in her closet. The worst said about her – the tough boss persona – is exactly the gritty core required to manage the Executive – and the skill set expected of male counterparts.

Amy knows the rules of D.C., written and implicit. Her empathy is alive and untainted. Her answers to hard questions are free from fluff and on point.

Amy Klobuchar has the toughness of the prosecutor, the humility of a public servant, the intelligence needed to see clearly and to accept advice. She is not afraid of the current occupant of the White House. She’s eager to engage him on campaign trail and debate stage. And she’s got wicked shade and biting humor.

While cast as a moderate, the fact of her gender makes Klobuchar a wildly radical choice in misogynistic America. Her election will give voice to the largest oppressed class in the country and validate the choice of 65 million voters who have already said Yes to a woman as President of the United States.

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