Worst Debate Ever

Tonight’s Democratic debate was a big fail.

I don’t know about you but I’m tired of hearing “Let me be clear” and “Here’s the deal” and “Understand this.” I’m so bored with the endless debate over Medicare for All or Some – an item that will be decided by a future Congress, not a future president. All the canned comments about endless wars and, those platitudes and anecdotes and vignettes just left me irritated.

Who came up with these stupid questions? I’ve heard the same damn queries for months. And basically the same answers. But they grind on and on.

Obviously, the audience at Drake University felt the same. Barely a quack out of them.

This much-trumpeted final debate before the Iowa caucus was the equivalent of cold leftovers. Tasteless. Devoid of nourishment. It brought nothing to the table and its guests left hungry. Sadly, even my favorite, Amy Klobuchar, popped a few plates from the fridge to the microwave.

The CNN restaurant left me starving for political reality.

Forget metaphor. This was the worst debate ever.


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