In the Fists of a Traitor

Our democratic republic is breathing its last gasps. We may not realize it. We don’t believe it is possible. But it’s happening. By the time this sham of an impeachment trial is over, any semblance of a democracy will be gone, notwithstanding the valiant efforts of the Democratic House Managers. The last ditch efforts of a handful of media people will be fruitless. And the gaping absence of Americans, screaming in the streets of D.C.  – well that says it all.

But as I’ve said before, the government of the United States was subverted in November 2016. It is not our government. It belongs to Vladimir Putin and his proxy, Donald Trump. And over the last three years, each executive department has been hollowed out, shredded and made impotent. Our national intelligence agencies and their collective defensive operations demeaned and abused. Thugs and charlatans represent us to the world. A cohesive foreign policy is non-existent. Domestic policy is in the hands of hacks. Republicans in Congress have no integrity, no courage and lack all Independence. Their role as servants of the people is a distant activity. Instead, they cater to the whims of a traitor, a man whose vindictiveness curdles their agency, makes of them hypocritical pawns. Intelligent people have to ask: what do they fear? The logical answer goes far beyond a mean tweet or electoral losses. No, this fear is visceral. It is a terror for their very lives, for the safety of their families.

And so we are in the fists of a traitor whose power is exercised through threats, an infantile villain supported by the president of Russia. His threats are real. Soon, we the people will feel his wrath. Soon his violence will be unleashed. Soon, we will have no choice but to admit that he is a dangerous and bloodthirsty despot. That terrifying persona is a natural progression. Once he is disencumbered by the valid yet sham Impeachment trial, the worst will explode.

Democratic principles will not survive his rage.

Expect the worst. The shadow hangs above us.


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  1. “The last ditch efforts of a handful of media people will be fruitless. And the gaping absence of Americans, screaming in the streets of D.C. – well that says it all.”

    I agree! I would add that many of us are suffering from trump fatigue, not an excuse but an explanation perhaps.

    Personally, I would be happy to scream and holler on the steps of Congress but, as a 72-year-old who’s had 9 orthopedic surgeries (including double knee replacement), I wouldn’t last an hour. The women of The Women’s March have families and jobs and obligations that probably would not allow them the long, drawn out vigil necessary to move the needle.

    I don’t read many political blogs, but I do read this one most often. I am both infuriated that you feel the need to write it and really grateful that you do. I feel like this is a light in the darkness of our times.



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