The Bernie Gurl

A giddy follower with delusions of grandeur. Sparks of merit are the shallow mask of cunning.

She is eager to insult her betters, existing in a well of arrogance.

Devoid of strategic acumen. Miserly in praise, absent any appreciation. Always burning bridges, never crafting a path forward.

This is the Bernie Gurl.

Undisciplined, mean-spirited, porous. Susceptible to false influence, ever-hunting aggrandizement.

The Bernie Gurl fails when tested, forgets favors. She is incapable of insight and will not learn from mistakes. Her self absorption is her ultimate deficiency.

This is the Bernie Gurl.

No feminist. Not a visionary. Known for her phony clap of conceit and love for mirrors.

Meet the Bernie Gurl —  Rashida Tlaib.


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