It’s The Fall

There’s a lot about Chris Matthews that I dislike. His off camera remark about slipping a date rape pill to Hillary Clinton tops my list. He did it again last night. His comments regarding Bernie Sanders and the fall of France at the start of the Big War were a clumsy attempt at a point. He failed at making his point. Joy Reid said it better. James Carville said it better. But because Matthews reached back to the heinous days of the Third Reich, his point is buried under a barrage of criticism.

The point is not the onslaught of the Nazis. It is the fall of France. That is a distinction with a difference.

Bernie Sanders is the front-runner in the Democrats presidential race. And while it’s “just three states,” it is also the eve of Super Tuesday and Sanders is the front-runner. Sanders is the front-runner in the party that he hates and wishes to explode. Should his momentum carry through Super Tuesday, the anti-Democrat will likely be the nominee. This is the fall of France alluded to by Matthews.

The Democrats stand between the despotic corruption of Trump and the GOP, and the front-runner and potential nominee hates our party.

Any Dem voter who hasn’t connected the dots yet needs to wake the hell up.

Not only does Sanders despise our party, he is calling for an unsustainable “revolution.”

This divisive rhetoric is the last thing needed now. What is required is a candidate who is palatable to terrified Boomers, conservative Republicans and every oppressed class in America – not a small core of politically ignorant millenials propelled by hatred of institutions and a sense of entitlement.

Palatable. That’s all we need. As Carville said months ago, Democrats do not have to fall in love with their nominee.

Bernie will not beat Trump.

The traitor in the White House has already congratulated Bernie. He’s happy to see his success. Why? Because he’s waiting to unleash all the ugly facts about Bernie – his misogynistic writings, his deadbeat dad history, his sexism, his cavorting in the Soviet Union, his affinity with the Sandinistas and yes, his Social Democrat tag has already morphed into socialist and commie.

Trump has the dirt and then some. And frankly, Bernie is boring. He may elicit cheers among the kids but he will put the adults to sleep.

Bernie cannot beat Trump. And this is the only thing that matters. The. Only. Thing.

Purity politics does not matter.

Issues of gender and race and income do not matter.

Beating Trump is all that matters.

Barack is gone. Hillary is gone. Kamala is gone. All that remains is brutal strategy. Who is the one candidate with the greatest chance of removing Trump?


Trump has over $100 million his war chest. Bloomberg has billions. And if that sounds crass, too bad. We have to rid ourselves of Trump. Otherwise we will all be serfs. The world as we know it will come to an end. Literally.

Bloomberg has the money to send a message to every anti-trumper in every hamlet, town, farm, vineyard, suburb and ghetto – and he’s doing it.

Liz, drop out.

Amy, drop out.

Pete, drop out.

Joe, drop out.

Tom, drop out.

You too, Tulsi.

Let Bloomberg take on Bernie. You cannot do it. Let Bloomberg take on Trump. He’s the only one who can do it.

Removing Trump is all that matters.

Otherwise, the fall will come. The Nazis will materialize.



  1. This is emphatically well-argued and reasoned, Grace.
    Meanwhile, AOC, Bernie Sanders’ so-called progressive climate activist, is slamming Speaker Nancy Pelosi again, threatening to replace her, for hell-only-knows what reason, and I’m urging New Yorkers to support NYC Council member Fernando Cabrera, in a primary against AOC. Cabrera championed our anti-fur retail bill in NYC, and really is thoughtful, courageous and progressive, plus he’s vegan — advancing human rights and animal rights. AOC told kids in the Bronx to skip meat for breakfast and eat a banana and peanut butter, but that misses the boat when she conducts interviews eating a sausage and cheese biscuit. No one told Team Bernie you can’t be a meat-eating climate activist.


  2. I couldn’t agree more! You nailed it, Grace. After Bernie’s decisive win in Nevada, I believe true Dems will stop Bernie. It’s going to get ugly. It will take Bloomberg’s money to run enough tv ads exposing and destroying Bernie. Bloomberg is our only chance to defeat Trump. We’ve watched all the other Dems running debate the same ridiculous topics incessantly, then participate in a circular firing squad. That’s child’s play for Trump! Wise up, Dems. Stop splitting the vote, enabling Bernie’s victories. Drop out and give Bloomberg a chance


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