Survival of the Fittest

The average lifespan of Americans is 78.69 years. That was in 2016, the last year the statistic was collected. While that sound like a ripe old age,  the Canadian, Japanese and the UK citizen outlive us.

This plague will be nature’s way of natural selection. Survival of the fittest.

Those who outlive the virus will be the healthiest among us.

This winnowing of the population is an impersonal act performed by an intangible force beyond our sight. It will cut down our loved ones and our enemies with the same vicious power. This inflexible fatality leads to a couple of questions.

Who will it kill? Who will remain? And how will survivors change the world?

We know the survivors will tabulate the toll. They’ve already begun. Those nearest that 78.69 year mark are dying. Those with weakened immunity are dying. But there are reports of healthy people succumbing to the virus. And younger people.

We can expect that three generations of Americans will be impacted: the Greatest, the Boomers and the Millenniels.

By elimination, the second question is answered – who will survive? It will be the youngest and the fittest.

The third question is a philosophical exercise.

Although the virus is impersonal in its transmission, the halt of that transmission is not.  There are those who influence the trajectory of the virus. They do so through intentional ignorance. Covid-19 will not forgive them. But their collective denial will affect the rest of us.

Large swaths and smaller pockets of people denied the very existence of Covid-19.  These folks are scattered throughout the population and once infected cause community spread. However, birds of a feather…. their social interactions tend to be limited to like-minded people. We can assume the deniers have transmitted the virus among their compatriots, who were (or still remain) deniers. Since this virus grows exponentially, a single, infected denier in close contact with his or her buddies can infect thousands of people. Two infected deniers can transmit the disease to hundreds of thousands – and so it continues.

Using this group as an example, the third question comes into focus.

The survivors will be people who believe in science rather than hoaxes. 

Survivors will be people who rely on their intelligence to navigate the world, anticipate the future, choose their leaders, care for their communities, teach their children and meet the next wave of the Corona virus.

Survival of the fittest is comprehensive. It’s a fit body, an emotional grounding and a sound mind.

The purge of the weak-minded is a consequence of Covid-19. It sounds crass. However, it could be the most significant effect.

Perhaps, it is the universe itself demanding survival by eliminating what ails it.


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