Covid Covid Covid

I see them with my own eyes: males and females, walking alone or in pairs in their maroon or navy blue CNA uniforms. They walk past my opened door, up and down the white hallway. And, I see them eye to eye as their faces hover over mine. These are the foot soldiers of the rehab facility. Their numbers outweigh all other staff. A good 75% are black- or brown-skinned. Of these about a quarter are overweight; and a smaller percentage are dangerously obese to the point that they pant while walking down the hallway.

The troops I described are susceptible to the Covid-19 virus. And many do not wear face coverings. I have seen this with my own eyes. I’ve seen them in the white hallway. In my room, peering over my face. Bringing me a tray of food or a blood pressure cuff. Their masks hang below the nose or completely off the face under the chin. It was The Sadist who first displayed this dangerous negligence. Twice during the long night in which she tortured me, I told her to put on her mask.

This facility has an insane covid policy. I have been residing in their so-called covid quarantine ward ever since I arrived here from the hospital. According to a couple of staff, they are “following CDC guidelines” which state that I must be in quarantine for 14 days. However CDC guidelines now say 10 days.

The weekly report coming out by the executive director is an effective mush of vagaries, the CYA of the professionals.

I have had four covid negative tests in the last 18 days. I have been in this facility for 10 days. Should my next test register as a positive, it will be because I contracted the virus in this “covid quarantine ward” where the CNAs refuse to wear face coverings. And new patients are thrown in with established patients like me. Makes perfect sense, right?

Note to public health officials: the high rate of covid infections and death in congregate living facilities could very likely be due to the numbers of staff who do not wear masks.

Note to self: continue wearing a mask in my room, in bed, in the hallways. Do not trust the CNAs.


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