New Year’s Resolution — #Fighting Words

My New Year’s Resolution:

To sweep my mind and time clean of all Trump-inspired pundits and supporters so the epidemic they produce leaves my hands free. Donors, friends, colleagues and others have no right anymore to occupy my sentiments. I’m content losing them, starving them for the irrational, vitriolic attention they crave because they are just like him. They put his capitalism first, his lies on a silver platter, and his poison infected every single one of them. So goodbye to the women-haters, the racists, the mean-spirited money-mongers whose minds are twisted and hearts cold as stone. I prefer a scorpion under my skin than five more minutes indulging the antics and rhetoric from them.

Happy New Year. Be strong. Don’t give up your hope or power. We have a community that presses forward, and there’s always power in glorious numbers.


Gambia Unloads Their Tyrant, U.S. Voters Elect Theirs

Americans have never elected a tyrant, a despot before.

An authoritarian regime defeats democracy. I was in The Gambia a week and a half ago, and last week residents finally rejected their president Yahya Jammeh — a government that outlawed peaceful assembly, “arbitrarily jailed critics and tortured critical journalists..,” the New York Times wrote.

Homophobia was rampant, and Yahya Jammeh told Gambians that he’d personally slit the throats of anyone he knew to have homosexual relationships.

Miraculously  without a coup, Gambia’s president accepts defeat after 22 years, and voters who feared him, but never gave up, made it happen. They’ve lost their tyrant and fooled, idiotic Americans elected “ours” — Donald Trump, who among other crimes, has allowed the Koch Brothers to infiltrate his “team” so that climate change can be assailed as phony science, and public lands tossed to privatization and the highest bidders.  We can say goodbye to wild horses, dolphins, human rights and everything we cherish, OR we can join the resistance  — work for Trump’s early impeachment.

I’m wired for confrontation and fighting back because Trump’s insane vision of America should get the fight of his putrid life.

Humans are the most overpopulated animals on the planet. Period.


Ironically, instead of focusing on effective ways to keep their own population in check, humans have become obsessed with trying to control any wildlife that dares to exist, from addling the eggs of mute swans and forcibly drugging wild horses with a fertility control pesticide, to hunting down bears, deer, wolves and many other animals.

Our runaway growth left unchecked is already devastating animals and their habitats. The two primary reasons for the loss of animal habitat:  our growing population’s demand for wood as a source of fuel, lumber and paper; and an unabated appetite for the flesh of cattle, which involves the use of vast ranch lands. Continue reading

100 Days Ahead and Beyond

MARTHA NUSSBAUM: Lecturer. Author. Philosopher.

As Martha Nussbaum wrote, thanks in part to author Catharine MacKinnon, women’s resistance to oppression is the cutting edge of international human rights activism.

Hillary is a feminist thinker, and that’s the rub for misogynists who flock to Trump, Sanders — saying human rights norms should be devised by males focused on keeping men at the center of the universe.


Hillary’s success in 100 days means she’ll play a role in showing that inequality on the basis of sex is prevalent all over the world, along with violence directed at women. This primary brought these ideas to the surface again, so that females were free to challenge the status quo.

MacKinnon is right, women have not yet become fully human legally or politically.

Read this recent New Yorker profile on Martha Nussbaum, titled “The Philosopher of Feelings.”

Breaking Through the Patriarchy

Forty years after I taped Robin Morgan’s passage from “Monster,” on my bureau’s mirror, which starts “I want a women’s revolution like a lover. I lust for it, I want so much this freedom, this end to struggle and fear and lies we all exhale, that I could die just with the passionate uttering of that desire…” I feel exasperated as we approach the Democratic Convention. Is Hillary Clinton’s eventual success on Election Day what a women’s revolution looks like? Continue reading