Democrats Create History in U.S. House Sit-In

Dems sit-in

Now in its third hour, the Democrats Representatives of the U.S. House are engaging in an old tactic – a sit-in – in a historic move to force the GOP-controlled body to bring common sense gun bills to the floor for a vote.

Speaker Paul Ryan cut the CSPAN camera feed as the civil disobedience started. However, a few enterprising Democrats shared views via Periscope.

Here’s how it started. Civil rights icon Rep. John Lewis delivered a passionate address to the body.


The sit-in commenced. Four hours later, and no CSPAN coverage permitted by Speaker Ryan, Periscope came to the rescue. This medium set-up a channel to follow this precedent setting, collective civil disobedience.

The sit-in is now seven hours long.

House Speaker Ryan went on national TV and called it a “publicity stunt.”

National media organizations, those watchdogs who dare to enter the bloodied landscapes of foreign countries devastated by war, have lost all courage. Should Americans call on Reporters Without Borders to life th GOP-imposed blackout? Ponder that. Meanwhile…



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