The Parasite in the White House


What is happening in Trump’s America isn’t about principles or policy or party. It is far deeper than partisanship. This is parasitism.

Donald Trump is the parasite, eating away at the marrow of the Republican Party, devouring the stanchions of its history, bleeding its conservative ideals and condemning its representatives to the dung heap of history.

So the parasite gorges on its host, spewing out the Grand Old Party in a pile of excrement. Members insert themselves in the maws of the parasite, lose their vitality, exhibit all the signs of pending death.

However, there’s something important to understand about this parasitic relationship. Without a host, the parasite ceases to exist.

We have to ask if the GOP knows, in a kind of Star Trek-final-solution way, that it must self-destruct rather than allow the parasite continued life? Continue reading “The Parasite in the White House”


All Eyes on the House Judiciary

Something’s afoot.

Nearly one-third of the Republicans serving on the House Judiciary committee will depart at the end of their present term.

Now controlled by the majority party, the Judiciary committee fulfills a singularly important role. It is the lever that moves Articles of Impeachment from the committee to the House Floor, beginning a potential Senate trial. Continue reading “All Eyes on the House Judiciary”

The Republicans Are Giddy

First, let’s get the technicality out-of-the-way. Donald Trump’s “Afghan Strategy” is teleprompter puffery. Or as John Schindler so succinctly phrased it:

Now, let’s talk about Republican giddiness. Continue reading “The Republicans Are Giddy”

DOUBLE WHAMMY: Mueller’s Grand Jury Coincides With Senate Requests for Info

The Special Counsel’s grand jury matches the timing of requests from two Senate committees, making this a double whammy for the beleaguered Trump administration.

Special Counsel Robert Mueller convened a grand jury in Washington D.C. recently. The Wall Street Journal broke the revelation on 3 August, quickly followed with more details from the NY Times and  The Washington Post. The actual date of the grand jury is not specific other than a reference to “a few weeks ago.”

Lost in the newest headlines is a similar probe by two US Senate committees sent on 19 July, which would coincide with the time frame of Robert Mueller’s grand jury. Continue reading “DOUBLE WHAMMY: Mueller’s Grand Jury Coincides With Senate Requests for Info”

House Democrats Lead Charge to #FireBannon

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi delivers sharp criticism of the Bannon appointment.
U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi sharply criticizes Bannon appointment.

The appointment of Brietbart executive Stephen Bannon to an executive level advisory role by the president-elect sparked a furor among Democrats in the U.S. House of Representatives.

In a polite but emphatic letter dated 16 November, 138 House members called for the immediate firing of Bannon, citing his documented connection to white supremacists and the divisiveness his appointment engenders. Continue reading “House Democrats Lead Charge to #FireBannon”

Bernie’s Senate Re-Election Bid Active

It’s Super Tuesday. The Democratic 2016 Presidential campaign is in full swing with Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders battling it out in the national arena with 12 states up for grabs today. Yet while all this hoopla is going on, a small fact remains quietly perched on the political back burner: Sanders is also running for re-election as a U.S. Senator. His Senate seat will be decided anew with the 2018 midterm cycle, and if Vermonters vote favorably, he’ll take office at the age of 77 for his third term.

Interestingly, Sanders is running as an Independent. Even more curious, his donors are unlike those behind his Presidential bid. Continue reading “Bernie’s Senate Re-Election Bid Active”

Who are the “80 reasonable Republicans”?

Who are these “80 reasonable Republicans”?

The easiest way to find the House GOP mentioned by Congressman Steve Cohen is to look at the voting record for H.R. 2775: Continuing Appropriations Act, 2014 which was the vehicle for ending the government shutdown and raising the debt ceiling on October 16, 2013.

I’ve listed these below (thanks to One-third of those elected under the GOP banner broke rank from their colleagues and voted to fund the government.

As a barometer of how far to the right these Republicans are, I’ve added their John Birch Society (JBS) Approval percentage which is linked to an explanation for the score. Those with higher end scores can be viewed as more extremist in their beliefs. The JBS approval is based overall on how closely the politician interprets the Constitution.

Of note: ALL GOP from Arkansas voted Yes. However, the entire Republican bloc of 11 states refused to vote Yes on H.R. 2775. Their No votes would have kept the government in shutdown and caused the first default on the U.S. debt in history.  These represent  Arizona, Georgia, Maryland, Missouri, New Mexico, Oregon, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas and Wyoming.

I’ve put a lot of time into this post because I want to see it used by voters to encourage these Republicans to vote sanely on the next budget. Our voices count! I called Ander Crenshaw’s office a day before the 10/16 vote and strongly encouraged him to buck the tide of craziness. Crenshaw had been appointed to the straw conference designed by Eric Cantor – a farcical ploy – and when I saw Rep. Crenshaw sitting at the table with Cantor and Paul Ryan and the others, I truly felt for him. I believe he was humiliated to be placed in that sham. So I called Crenshaw and asked him to stand up, take a leadership position, and not be lumped in with the Crazies. He did just that, along with five other Republicans from my home state of Florida. I like to believe my phone call made a difference. I think we can all make a difference simply by picking up the phone and telling our representatives what we want and expect of them.