The Monsters of Ayn Rand


It’s only a matter of discovering the lever. If you learn how to rule one single man’s soul, you can get the rest of mankind. It’s the soul, Peter, the soul. Not whips or swords or fire or guns.” — Ayn Rand from The Fountainhead

We’re busily deciphering the illogical. Parsing statements and contradictions. Or we’re amazed at the stupidity. Repelled by the loathsome. Shocked by degenerate words. Disappointed in once-sensible people. Disgusted with the supine obedience.

Behind the diorama of all-that-is-Trump lurks a Russian-American woman with a fictional name. Ayn Rand. Dead for years, Rand is buoyed by her devotees into a cult figure as mightily as she is denounced by her critics.

The dark shadow of Rand – the voice of Objectivism and Paul Ryan’s fave philosopher – coils around the sneering and cruel pronouncements. It has locked Republicans into their humiliating master-slave dyad with Donald Trump. And Paul Ryan’s soul is infused with satisfaction. Continue reading “The Monsters of Ayn Rand”


Stupid Move, Democrats

Like a chorus of Southern Baptist Bible thumpers, the Senate Democrats rose in self-righteous fury to damn Al Franken and force his resignation.

They did it without due process.

They did it based on questionable allegations of sexual misconduct.

They did it based on accusations preceding his Senate position, going back decades.

They did it with a mob mentality.

They did it with cruelty.

They did it intending to score political points.

But let’s be clear. The Senate Democrats who lynched Al Franken cannot profess to any legitimate concern for women. They are not feminists or activists or in pursuit of societal transformation.


They cannot stand on any pedestal of purity.

They have not altered the mind of any man who preys on women, children or other men.

They have not awakened some latent sense of power within women.

They will not affect the Alabama election.

They will not shame their Republican counterparts.

They will not increase their 2018 vote counts.


The Senators who shamed and bullied their so-called friend have displayed a political ineptitude that is infuriating.

They have fallen prey to the newly weaponized claim of sexual misconduct. One that quickly morphed from #MeToo into Lynch Him Now!

They have sacrificed one of their own in pursuit of ridiculous aims.

They have diminished the effectiveness of the Judiciary Committee.

They have angered a lot of Democrats.

They have shown they are simply not up to the game.

They will not defeat Donald Trump.

The Trump-GOP Divorce Is Nearly Final


Mitch McConnell choked back tears after his last ACA repeal failed. It’s hard to know whether he mourned the defeat of his effort to delete Obama’s legacy or if he foresaw the coming divorce between his GOP and the White House. Continue reading “The Trump-GOP Divorce Is Nearly Final”

The Sessions Scenario: Destroying Justice

Jefferson Beauregard Sessions, III, the 84th US Attorney General

Amid the flurry of activity at the Senate over repeal/replace, the Congressional investigations of the Trump clan coupled with those of the Special Counsel, scary announcements about North Korea, the ban on transgender soldiers and the president’s politicization of the Boy Scouts comes yet one more headline-grabbing conundrum: the Sessions scenario.

We all know – the president is displeased. He’s complained about his Attorney General for days in a scourge of tweets and words filled with character digs and dares. The press and pundits are all over this newest burp in the Executive branch. Will he fire Sessions? Will the 70-year old AG resign? What happens next? How would this conflict affect the probes into the Russia connection? So many questions, such drama, so much motion without movement. Continue reading “The Sessions Scenario: Destroying Justice”

We Take on the Mantle of Citizen

A gnashing of teeth is penetrating social media – this angst deepens as 20 January draws nearer and with it, the reality of a Trump presidency.

“We’re on our own now.”

“No one’s coming to save us.”

These refrains are repeated with a mixture of futility, panic and a heavy pall of fear.

But here’s the thing – we have always been on our own. Each citizen of this republic has a duty to take part in the running of this democracy. For too long, we have cast a vote and then transferred that duty to our elected representatives. We have complacently presumed they would do the job of upholding democratic principles. And when they failed, we assumed an institution or an agency would save the day. When that did not happen, we looked to the media. We exhorted these organizations to reveal, uncover, accuse and disrupt the violations in governance.

Again, we were disappointed.

Now we are recognizing that the power of this democracy is wielded by its citizens.

It is uncomfortable – comprehending this responsibility. Many have never really accepted the gravity of its meaning. We have passed on individual civic action; we hoped for the best, lived our lives and assumed everything would be OK. Or we waited for a candidate to save us, to right all the wrongs, to realign the teetering republic. Or we scoffed at the possible dissolution of the thing called democracy. We complacently thought that our system was impenetrable. We tweeted our fingers numb in outrage. Lived in stunned denial.

What is happening now is an awakening, a rebirth. Every day, more of us emerge from the cocoon. We take on the mantle of citizen, we practice the act of citizenship, we build that more perfect union.

Two thoughts to finish this post.

I will repeat daily The Pledge of Allegiance.

“I pledge allegiance to the Flag of the United States of America,and to the Republic for which it stands, one Nation, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all.”

I will recall constantly, these words by Hillary Rodham Clinton, The People’s President, as she bade farewell to her 65 million constituents. They were crafted for us with foreknowledge of the future.

This loss hurts. But please, please

never stop believing that fighting

for what’s right is worth it.

It’s always worth it.

And we need you to keep up these fights


and for the rest of your lives.