Everything But Putin


He’s unglued.

He’s mad at Jeff Sessions.

He’s upset over Hope Hicks.

He’s angry with Mueller.

He’s frustrated about Jared Kushner.

He was gunning for a fight.

These are the reasons given for the Trump announcement of aluminum and steel tariffs. These are the only reasons proposed for the sudden and unvetted news. However, the script for the pending trade wars is missing one hot button event.

On Thursday, March 1, NBC’s Megyn Kelly scored her second interview with Vladimir Putin, president of the Russian Federation. This event occurred on the same day of Trump’s tariff declaration.

Remember Megyn Kelly? Trump does. She was his nemesis on the debate stage, the brunt of his crude “blood coming from her…” insult. Megyn Kelly, the female who dared to rebuff Trump and who earned his undying hatred and a top spot on his Revenge List.

Here she is again, upstaging him, separating the eyes and ears of the world from the megalomaniac that is Donald Trump.

You bet he came unglued.

To add insult to injury, Kelly is speaking one-on-one with Putin, the character who looms over his head like a black vulture, the origin of the Mueller turmoil, the single name dirtying Trump’s ultimate glory as president. That Trump and Putin are witting players in his questionable victory matters not. In the frenzied mind of Trump, the autocrat of Russia is just another interloper, one more bit actor interrupting the god drama of Donald.

Yes he was fuming.

What could Donald do but find something – anything – to boot Putin from the stage and insert himself?


Little wonder that Trump bypassed all the norms of policy-making. He didn’t have a moment to waste. No time for review or a heads up to Congress or approval from his relevant Cabinet.

And so, we have the complete surprise announcement of aluminum and steel tariffs.

The press have been nipping at his heels ever since. Even NBC News sacrificed Kelly’s substantial interview for Trump’s tariffs, giving her cursory headlines and limited coverage rather than a full-on promotional campaign.

The American media are lapdogs. They have facilitated an unpardonable crime – publicizing an unofficial, maybe-policy from a puffed-up, halfwit in lieu of a threat of nuclear proliferation by a world power. That the instrument of this power is accused of information warfare on the United States makes their malfeasance inexcusable.

Trump won – again. We see why and how that happened. Look to the media.


Thanks Don Lemon!

Thanks for the summary, Don.

I didn’t listen to Trump’s speech tonight in Phoenix. I don’t think I missed anything.

Dear MSM: The Teachable Moment Is Now

Many years ago in another lifetime, I worked for a publishing house that produced national trade magazines. I was editor of one and wrote content for two others in the family. Because these were marketed to retailers in the gift industry, advertising and promotions were a Big Deal. So Big that most of the content of these periodicals were shaped around major holidays and events.

The publisher and I would sit down and work out the editorial calendar for the upcoming year. At first, we prepared ads and content about two months in advance. So for example, Mother’s Day promotions started in March; Halloween in August. This gave our readers plenty of time to check out our advertisers, read our articles, get excited and buy stock for the holiday-to-come.

As each year advanced (I was with them for three), the time frame for promotions grew more extended. So it was that in my final year, I was writing copy, handling new products and coordinating photo shoots a good four months prior to a holiday.

Our magazines performed a service to these retailers. Many were Mom and Pop shops competing against giants like Wal-Mart. We did the footwork; telling them what toys the kids envied, which colors were passĂ©, how to market on a shoestring. Of course, the bottom line was profit – for all of us – the publishing house, its retail base and its advertisers. It was a Win-Win-Win.

When I listen to mainstream media today, I think about this advanced scheduling. Only I call it an Early Warning. Continue reading “Dear MSM: The Teachable Moment Is Now”

Be Careful What You Ask For Donald

Worn clichés and classic hits. Biblical slang. These are the things that come to mind when thinking of Donald Trump and his pitiful, self-absorbed, addictive thirst for fame.

Be careful what you ask for, Donald.

This set of magazine covers depict the intelligent world’s view of Trump over the past week. Chief among the topics: his insulting and divisive Charlottesville comments and the firing of his Alt-Right best boy Bannon. Continue reading “Be Careful What You Ask For Donald”

Cheers to Rachel!

I want to pause for a moment (in the midst of  my many unfinished articles) to praise Rachel Maddow.

In the last few months, the host of MSNC’s The Rachel Maddow Show has eclipsed all other commentators with her incisive grasp of the whole Trump catastrophe. Every weekday evening, she reports on the headlines of the day, often having to encompass breaking news of the hour and even the minute. She does this with a velvety texture of articulation that combines humor, sarcasm and wit with a deep undercoating of holistic research. Continue reading “Cheers to Rachel!”