History Repeats Itself: The New Resistance and the American Vichy

French President Emmanuel Macron Delivers An Address To Joint Meeting Of Congress
French President Macron addresses Congress and the American people. |Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images|

Just a few days ago, Emmanuel Macron, the president of the French Republic, appealed to America. His speech before Congress was more than an eloquent affront to Donald Trump. It was a paean to shared heroes, a noble stretch of memory that touched again and again on the first American Revolution. This was more than a respite from the muck and lies that emit from the cavern of the Trump regime. His words were more than a litany of feel-good moments, articulate sounds and reminders of the special bond between our two republics.

Emmanuel Macron spoke to me. He reminded me of all that I cherish and all that I assume – liberty, humanity, literature, science – the elements of civilization. Macron embraced all. As a member of the resistance, I felt his embrace, his plea and his camaraderie.

There is another effect of Macron’s remarks. It rekindles the story of another era and another resistance. Continue reading “History Repeats Itself: The New Resistance and the American Vichy”