Hillary Clinton at Rutgers

Hillary Clinton is a necessary reality check today when we’re knee deep in idiocy and normalcy is hard to define.

Take a refreshing draught of what-really-matters. Give yourself time to listen. Let  Hillary’s intelligence and insight guide you through these dark days.

(Skip forward to 14:20 and avoid the long preamble prior to Hillary’s introduction.)


The passing and the frame

This is the flight and the flame,
a flock of geese at sunset,
the passing and the frame.

Death requires a name,
demands sense and yet,
this is the flight and the flame.

So loudly the elder claim
that children pay their debt.
The passing and the frame.

Fiercely the children shame,
unmask, outlive and resurrect.
This is the flight and the flame.

They uncover the deadly aim,
cleanse, survive, pay respect.
This is the flight and the flame,
the passing and the frame.

Hillary Clinton At Women for Women International [Video]

Originally posted on Hillary Clinton Speeches: On Tuesday afternoon, Hillary Clinton was a guest of the Women for Women International Luncheon in New York City. During the event, Clinton had a conversation with Christiane Amanpour. The two discussed a number of issues including the Donald Trump administration, a potential conflict with North Korea, and the 2016…

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