Donald Trump’s Obsession with Nuclear War

We have reason for alarm.

Twenty-eight years ago, when the Trump progeny were still teens with buck teeth and sloppy chins and their Daddy’s brain was still producing full sentences, he granted an interview with Glenn Plaskin of Playboy magazine. It was similar to Michael Wolff‘s access with Plaskin shadowing the 43 year-old Trump over the course of weeks, gathering tidbits and color and sitting face-to-face with the real estate wheeler-dealer on rare occasions. Playboy has since walled off the resulting article, capitalizing on the profitability and more importantly, the revelatory thoughts of its subject.

There is plenty of jaw dropping grist in this portrait – from Trump’s ideas on genetics and his children to his praise of the Chinese for the slaughter of innocents at Tiananmen Square to his belittlement of former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev for weakness.

However, one segment of this vivid look into the mind of Donald Trump stands out. It is a chilling discussion that begins with a hypothetical: what would he do if elected President of the United States. Continue reading “Donald Trump’s Obsession with Nuclear War”


No More Psychic Numbness

Back when nuclear proliferation was rampant and nations detonated warheads across the globe, back during the Cuban Missile Crisis and later, the reactor meltdown in Chernobyl, back when anti-nuke groups were The Resistance, an American psychiatrist and prolific author named Robert Jay Lifton coined the phrase: “psychic numbness.”


The phrase signified a cognitive dissonance affecting children and adults of the nuclear era – an existential fear of death by nuclear annihilation and simultaneously, a heightened state of denial that let us live, laugh, work and play with a veneer of normalcy. Continue reading “No More Psychic Numbness”