Republicans Who Say The Words…

Poster for the Charlottesville “Unite the Right” rally derived from Benjamin Franklin’s famous “Join, or Die” cartoon.  SOURCE:

The president dare not condemn his base. He could not utter the words: “white supremacist” or “nazi” or “domestic terrorism” in his immediate statement after the violence in Charlottesville, Virginia.

This is more than moral cowardice. Much more. It is complicity. Complicity with the hateful enemy of peace-loving people. Complicity with the dark scourge of Hitler and his SS; with those concentration camps that defiled the humanity of Jews, the Roma, gays, the ill and those deemed different or other.  Donald Trump has no sense of right or wrong, no barometer to guide him as a leader and no authority in his office as president of the United States. Continue reading “Republicans Who Say The Words…”


Ossoff Facing Off Against Multimillion Dollar Opposition Fund

JON OSSOF |Photo Credit: Rolling Stone|

Jon Ossoff, the Democrat’s Congressional nominee for Georgia’s 6th District, is not just battling for votes in this June 20th runoff election. He is in a high stakes skirmish against one of fattest opposition funds around. The Congressional Leadership Fund (CLF) out of Washington, D.C., has dedicated millions – $5,923,919.27 to be exact – in opposing the 30-year-old millennial and former Congressional aide. Continue reading “Ossoff Facing Off Against Multimillion Dollar Opposition Fund”