Pay to Play: Put a stop to disinformation

Many of us live in the universe of social media where forces hostile to democracy employ millions of bots as propaganda tools. The primary bot platforms – Twitter and Facebook – are at the best, sluggish in combating this disinformation campaign.

Here’s a solution to the ongoing war on our democratic political system. Continue reading “Pay to Play: Put a stop to disinformation”


Curioser & Curioser: A memo and an edit



It just gets curioser and curioser… and curious things lead to speculation.

Speculate this. Continue reading “Curioser & Curioser: A memo and an edit”

Mattis Reviewing Ban On An “Array of Electronic Devices” At All Defense Sites

Strava’s Global Heatmap tracks activity of its app users via GPS. (Strava)

The head of the U.S. Department of Defense is reviewing a ban on an “array of electronic devices” at the Pentagon and all other DoD locations according to a press conference held today.

Gen. James Mattis is considering limits on wearable devices that use tracking applications (GPS) used by employees and service members. The possible ban could include smart phones and popular fitness devices. Continue reading “Mattis Reviewing Ban On An “Array of Electronic Devices” At All Defense Sites”

All Eyes on the House Judiciary

Something’s afoot.

Nearly one-third of the Republicans serving on the House Judiciary committee will depart at the end of their present term.

Now controlled by the majority party, the Judiciary committee fulfills a singularly important role. It is the lever that moves Articles of Impeachment from the committee to the House Floor, beginning a potential Senate trial. Continue reading “All Eyes on the House Judiciary”

The Monsters of Ayn Rand


It’s only a matter of discovering the lever. If you learn how to rule one single man’s soul, you can get the rest of mankind. It’s the soul, Peter, the soul. Not whips or swords or fire or guns.” — Ayn Rand from The Fountainhead

We’re busily deciphering the illogical. Parsing statements and contradictions. Or we’re amazed at the stupidity. Repelled by the loathsome. Shocked by degenerate words. Disappointed in once-sensible people. Disgusted with the supine obedience.

Behind the diorama of all-that-is-Trump lurks a Russian-American woman with a fictional name. Ayn Rand. Dead for years, Rand is buoyed by her devotees into a cult figure as mightily as she is denounced by her critics.

The dark shadow of Rand – the voice of Objectivism and Paul Ryan’s fave philosopher – coils around the sneering and cruel pronouncements. It has locked Republicans into their humiliating master-slave dyad with Donald Trump. And Paul Ryan’s soul is infused with satisfaction. Continue reading “The Monsters of Ayn Rand”