Trump Triggers The Fix

Michael Cohen

Cohen did his job. Cohen made it go away.” – Rudy Giuliani

This Michael Cohen thing is so convoluted that often I want to use a Venn diagram or a complex set of flow charts rather than words to describe it.

But here is something really simple. It’s a tweet sent out by candidate Trump on October 15, 2016.

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We Need Midterm Twitter Marshals


The Midterm elections are upon us. We must organize ourselves on social media as aware and informed Americans. We cannot have a repeat of the 2016 campaign where disinformation and online bullying sapped our spirit and momentum and where media outlets presented biased “news” without push back.

We have to act. We have to act in concert. We have to counter false narratives, expose liars and present accurate information.

This plea is directed to anyone whose goal is to replace the Republican Congress and state offices with can-do, electable candidates.

How can you help?

Choose one or two of the categories below to monitor and report. Invite verified friends to join you in your effort. Be committed and consistent in your activity. Stay focused!

Twitter Marshal Categories with Hashtags

  1. Countering Disinformation: Expose false narratives by media outlets, disinformation campaigns by hostile agents. When possible, counter myth with fact. #Disinfo
  2. Bot Blockers: Identify, report and block bots. #BotBuster
  3. Troll Patrol: Identify, report and block trolls. Start with your Followers. Many are embedded from the mass #FBR recruitments.  #TrollPatrol
  4. Authoritarian Watch: Be a guardian of democracy.  #Guardians
  5. Breaking News/News Tips: Report verifiable news as it emerges; provide news tips to credible news outlets and journalists. Shape the narrative and influence the media. #Breaking
  6. The Mueller Investigation: Report on progress and new avenues of investigation. Keep to the facts. Keep watch on efforts to disempower the investigation. #Mueller #SpecialCounsel #RussiaGate #KremlinGate
  7. The Democrats / Republicans / Congress: Track comments and activity by current members of Congress. #CongressWatch
  8. State-by-State Elections / Political Action: Identify candidates, promote campaigns. #BlueWave #PurpleWave #WinBlue #FlipItBlue

Make your resistance mean something! Own the internet.

History Repeats Itself: The New Resistance and the American Vichy

French President Emmanuel Macron Delivers An Address To Joint Meeting Of Congress
French President Macron addresses Congress and the American people. |Photo by Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images|

Just a few days ago, Emmanuel Macron, the president of the French Republic, appealed to America. His speech before Congress was more than an eloquent affront to Donald Trump. It was a paean to shared heroes, a noble stretch of memory that touched again and again on the first American Revolution. This was more than a respite from the muck and lies that emit from the cavern of the Trump regime. His words were more than a litany of feel-good moments, articulate sounds and reminders of the special bond between our two republics.

Emmanuel Macron spoke to me. He reminded me of all that I cherish and all that I assume – liberty, humanity, literature, science – the elements of civilization. Macron embraced all. As a member of the resistance, I felt his embrace, his plea and his camaraderie.

There is another effect of Macron’s remarks. It rekindles the story of another era and another resistance. Continue reading “History Repeats Itself: The New Resistance and the American Vichy”

I Have A Gecko


There’s a gecko in my home, scurrying behind packaged food, racing up a window pane, frightened by my pounding presence. The little immigrant appears next night on a wall of the laundry room, wings between its jaws, meat in its teeth.

In a world of geometry and hard spaces, it flirts and bends on rubbery pads. Silent and quick, it seeks the surplus of my old home, bugs and sediment, the hidden life. It has a single agenda: survival in a strange land.

Did Russian Oligarch Igor Makarov Drown at Defexpo 2018?


10 April 2018 – Chennai, India: According to an article in India Today, a Russian named Igor Makarov drowned while swimming in the ocean at Mamallapuram.

The deceased appears to be the same Makarov who was a Russian oil oligarch and native of Turkmenistan.

This Makarov was the founder of Itera International, a petroleum distribution company that provided gas to former Turk republics and Ukraine. Itera was bought by Rosneft in 2013 directly from Makarov. As a result Rosneft, controlled by Igor Sechin, became Russia’s largest oil and gas combine. Itera then rebranded itself as Areti. Recently, Makarov bought a fifty percent interest in News Stream, another energy company with a West Siberian oil refinery.

The article stated that Makarov ‘s death was confirmed by the Russian consulate and that an autopsy is pending. India Times assumed the cause of death was drowning but that was not confirmed. The circumstances of his death appear suspicious. Continue reading “Did Russian Oligarch Igor Makarov Drown at Defexpo 2018?”

The Parasite in the White House


What is happening in Trump’s America isn’t about principles or policy or party. It is far deeper than partisanship. This is parasitism.

Donald Trump is the parasite, eating away at the marrow of the Republican Party, devouring the stanchions of its history, bleeding its conservative ideals and condemning its representatives to the dung heap of history.

So the parasite gorges on its host, spewing out the Grand Old Party in a pile of excrement. Members insert themselves in the maws of the parasite, lose their vitality, exhibit all the signs of pending death.

However, there’s something important to understand about this parasitic relationship. Without a host, the parasite ceases to exist.

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