THE DARK HORSE: Why The #RussiaGate Investigation Must Start With Bernie Sanders

The historic inquiry into Russia’s interference in our presidential election by the House Intelligence Committee opened with a statement from Rep. Adam Schiff. His introduction was concise, detailed and chilling. He named names. Gave dates. Showed correlations. Painted a scenario of unsustainable “coincidences” in a dark intrigue peopled by Russian hackers, oligarchs, oil magnates, diplomats, spies – orchestrated by Putin and counterbalanced with his alleged American agents.

It is a sequence of events and characters fit for an explosive novel. It is the foundation for impeachment proceedings against the current U.S. President.

But missing from that cast of saboteurs and accessories is one name: Senator Bernie Sanders. Continue reading


A Whopping 674 Foreign Nationals Illegally Donated to Bernie Sanders in March 2016

ccpa-fqxiaa8sjpThe principal campaign committee of U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders identified 674 foreign nationals who contributed to his presidential campaign during a single month. The extremely high number of illegal donations occurred during March 2016. The names of each individual contributor (see below) is itemized in a Form 99 submitted to the Federal Election Commission on 14 June 2016 by the senator’s principal campaign committee. Continue reading

Bye Bye Big Money: Sanders Campaign Sees $20M Drop in Contributions


If there’s any sure way to mark the end of a campaign, it’s when the money stops flowing.

Back on April 19th when Hillary Clinton won New York, pundits said the primary race was over. She further entrenched her lead the following week with wins in four successive states (Maryland, Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut).

Yet her opponent hung in there, refusing to concede or suspend or to many, face reality.

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