Donald Trump’s Obsession with Nuclear War

We have reason for alarm.

Twenty-eight years ago, when the Trump progeny were still teens with buck teeth and sloppy chins and their Daddy’s brain was still producing full sentences, he granted an interview with Glenn Plaskin of Playboy magazine. It was similar to Michael Wolff‘s access with Plaskin shadowing the 43 year-old Trump over the course of weeks, gathering tidbits and color and sitting face-to-face with the real estate wheeler-dealer on rare occasions. Playboy has since walled off the resulting article, capitalizing on the profitability and more importantly, the revelatory thoughts of its subject.

There is plenty of jaw dropping grist in this portrait – from Trump’s ideas on genetics and his children to his praise of the Chinese for the slaughter of innocents at Tiananmen Square to his belittlement of former Russian president Mikhail Gorbachev for weakness.

However, one segment of this vivid look into the mind of Donald Trump stands out. It is a chilling discussion that begins with a hypothetical: what would he do if elected President of the United States. Continue reading “Donald Trump’s Obsession with Nuclear War”


Emin – Eyewitness to Trump’s Moscow Kompromat?

Tweets found on a Russian pop star’s official Twitter account look to verify the alleged kompromat on Donald Trump in possession of the Russian government. And, that verification appears to based on his firsthand knowledge of the event. Continue reading “Emin – Eyewitness to Trump’s Moscow Kompromat?”

About That $20 Million

There’s a hubbub in social media circles about a $20 million donation supposedly directed toward Speaker Paul Ryan after his endorsement of Donald Trump. Twitter accounts (like this one) and online mags (such as this one) are making much ado about the money, the timing and the implication of a quid pro quo scenario.

It’s better to be right than righteous. Here are the facts. Continue reading “About That $20 Million”

The President’s Selective Sympathies

While the Speaker of the House and the Minority Leader call for a unified America in the aftermath of today’s bloodshed, the President is selective about who he chooses to recognize and commemorate.

Hours after the Alexandria VA shooting in which GOP lawmakers and staff were wounded, Trump took to the airwaves. He condemned the attack and in typical dramatic fashion, scooped both law enforcement and the media in pronouncing the shooter dead. Continue reading “The President’s Selective Sympathies”

Clinton Led in All Swing States Prior to the Debate and Video Release

Hillary Clinton speaks while Donald Trump stalks at the Second Presidential Debate, 10-9-2016.
Hillary Clinton speaks while Donald Trump stalks at the Second Presidential Debate, 10-9-2016, Washington University, St. Louis.

10-11-2016 – Days before the release of the video recording in which Donald Trump describes his sexual assaults in crude and demeaning language, and days before the “nastiest Presidential debate of all time,” and days before GOP leaders abandoned their nominee, Hillary Clinton had taken the lead in all five swing states.

It is important to set out these facts as a baseline for upcoming polls, which will show the direct impact of the second debate. Continue reading “Clinton Led in All Swing States Prior to the Debate and Video Release”