Emin – Eyewitness to Trump’s Moscow Kompromat?

Tweets found on a Russian pop star’s official Twitter account look to verify the alleged kompromat on Donald Trump in possession of the Russian government. And, that verification appears to based on his firsthand knowledge of the event.

In my last post, I suggested that one of the unnamed sources in the Christopher Steele dossier was the Russian pop artist, Emin Agalarov. Emin’s name has surfaced recently as the person who requested the meeting between Donald Trump, Jr. and a Kremlin-connected lawyer last June. This meeting was preceded by emails to Trump’s son which promised damaging information on Hillary Clinton on behalf of the Russian government.

I also noted that Emin was very likely present for Trump’s notorious Golden Showers escapade at the Moscow Ritz Carlton. This spectacle, supposedly taped by Russian intel, is the damning kompromat hanging over Donald Trump.

A 27 November 2013 tweet on Emin’s official account shows a broadly smiling Donald Trump posing with Emin and his father, Abas Agalarov. This is a response to Trump citing a piece in The Moscow Times promoting an Emin video in which Trump made an appearance.

There’s nothing outwardly incriminating about these messages. The date is significant though. According to the Steele memo, The Ritz Carlton affair occurred in 2013, the same year as these tweets.

Now, the following details emerge:

  • Trump was in Moscow in 2013.
  • Trump lunched with Emin and Abas Agalarov at the Moscow Ritz Carlton at that time. (More here.)
  • Trump’s Golden Showers escapade occurred at the Moscow Ritz Carlton.
  • Steele’s sources say the above scenario occurred in November 2013.
  • Emin Agalarov (and his father) is an intermediary of the Russian government.

What is striking about this 2013 tweet is that it was reshuffled and retweeted after Trump’s election win in 2016. One could conclude that this served as a reminder to Trump that the kompromat exposing his nasty behavior still existed.

However, the most damning of Emin’s tweets comes a week before Trump’s inauguration. In it, Emin gloats over his personal knowledge of “what Donald Trump was doing in a hotel in Moscow.”

The missive to the world also carries an implicit message to Donald Trump from his Russian blackmailers: “We own you. Don’t you forget it.”

If Emin was an eyewitness to Trump’s perverted sexual activity, then it closely mimics another episode in the public record: the 2005 audio clip of Trump vulgarly boasting to the younger Billy Bush about his sexually transgressions. This is just the type of salacious behavior and weak character that Russian agents would seek to compromise.

Christopher Steele Had It Right – And Trump Jr Just Verified The Dossier

Emin Agalarov, Donald Trump and Aras Agalarov from Emin’s Instagram account. Posted upon Trump’s presidential win.

The New York Times articles implicating Donald Trump, Jr, Paul Manafort and Jared Kushner in what looks like collusion with Russia corroborate the very first entry in the Christopher Steele dossier and give a possible identity to one of his unnamed sources.

In its first bombshell report, the Times verified three crucial points from the memos prepared by Steele, a former official with Britain’s M-16 spy agency:

  1. Putin was engaged in an effort to help Trump and harm Clinton in the 2016 presidential election.
  2. The Kremlin had compiled information it believed might damage Clinton.
  3. Sources close to the Trump campaign were coordinating with the Kremlin in the effort to undermine the election.

Specifically, the first Steele memo dated 20 June 2016 lay the groundwork for Kremlin interference and potential Trump team collusion. The entry noted that Putin’s people had delivered “valuable intelligence” to Trump on his “opponents” for “several years.” The wording points to an effort to undermine not just Hillary Clinton but Trump’s Republican rivals during the primary season.

The initial Steele memo from June relies on various unidentified sources. One such person, named “Source D” was a “close associate of Trump” who was directly involved in arranging Trump’s Moscow visits. This same individual was present during Trump’s “perverted conduct in Moscow” at the Ritz Carlton – the so-called golden showers defilement of the bed supposedly used by President and First Lady Obama during a previous visit. This episode is allegedly the highlight of the Kremlin’s blackmail material against Trump. According to Steele, the activity was taped.

Here is the relevant excerpt from the Steele dossier:

While the identity of Source D is not certain, information from the Times article strongly suggests it is Emin Agalarov, the person who requested the meeting with Trump’s inner circle. According to the Times:

“… the beauty competition in Moscow brought the Trump family into partnership with Emin Agalarov, a pop star in Russia, and his father, Aras — a duo that develops major real estate projects in Russia and appears friendly with the Kremlin.

Since then, Emin Agalarov has repeatedly boasted of maintaining a warm relationship with Mr. Trump.

Further on in the Times story, Emin is placed at the Moscow Ritz Carlton with Trump:

Phil Ruffin, Mr. Trump’s partner at the Trump International Hotel and Tower in Las Vegas, who flew to Moscow for the competition, said he and Mr. Trump had lunch with the Agalarovs at the Ritz-Carlton.

This would lend added credence to Steele’s assertion that Emin is Source D and, importantly, that he was present at the infamous golden showers sex play at the hotel – purportedly the kompromat used to compromise Donald Trump.

It looks like Christopher Steele had it right. The Times report validates the Steele dossier and comports with the dates and details of its very first entry. Trump’s eldest son confirmed the explosive meet-up and revealed its purpose in a series of emails released yesterday.

Seen in chronological perspective, the meeting with the Russian lawyer is the start of a coordinated effort between Trump associates and Putin operatives that continued through the presidential election cycle.

It is time to revisit that collection of memos. Christopher Steele’s record gives us insight into how the Kremlin coordinated the attack on the election process and which members of Trump’s campaign team were involved.

And, it alerts us to the the next bombshell report.

Tick, tick, tick…