The D Word


My language is defined by The D Word. It started the eve of 8 November when the big denial hit. No! Deception quickly nipped the heels of denial. There must be deceit somewhere; this cannot be a definitive vote; it cannot be for real. If not fraud then definitely  hacking, a conspiracy, cyber warfare, nefarious forces, moles at the highest level. Continue reading


Hillary’s Come Back

Hillary Clinton at Chappaqua Village Market

Few would have blamed Hillary Clinton had she canceled her first post-election public appearance on 16 November for the Children’s Defense Fund. But she did not cancel, giving proof to the legend that she is an indomitable fighter who does not give up. The well of grief could be seen in her eyes. But hers was a message of hope. “We are stronger together, when we lift each other up.”

Hillary’s resiliency is part of her nature. She also relies on simple, healthy pleasures like yoga and walking in the woods with her spouse and their dogs. And that’s where Margot Gerster met her in a surprise encounter just two days after the election. Continue reading

Hillary Reminds Us: “We are stronger together when we lift each other up”

Hillary Clinton by all rights should be assembling her transition team at this moment, and looking toward her service to America as its 45th President.

Instead, she came out of her Chappaqua retreat to move us forward into an “uncertain future” and remind us that “we are stronger together when we lift each other up.”

In her remarks to the Children’s Defense Fund, the first since 9 November, Clinton urged her audience to ask themselves: “What are we doing to give children the safe and healthy lives they deserve?”

The poignancy of her appearance is inescapable. The irony of contrast between this woman, who spent her life in service to others, and the man hoping-to-be-president is unbearable.

Americans what have you done?