Who’s On The Up and Up and Who’s Going Down #KremlinGate


The ever-expanding #KremlinGate investigation has unearthed a wide cast of figures who may soon face federal and state indictments. Their alleged crimes range from RICO violations and money laundering to conspiracy and treason. According to reports, these U.S. persons could encompass the President, his adult children, the Vice President, various surrogates, advisors and castaways of the Trump campaign, the Trump Administration, and GOP Congressional leaders.

As this murky cloud of impeachment hovers over the Trump administration, nerve-wracked Americans seek out another group of people. These are the disseminators – commentators/researchers/documentarians – who parse out the alleged offenders and their offenses, crafting an entangled network that leads to the Kremlin and back. Continue reading “Who’s On The Up and Up and Who’s Going Down #KremlinGate”


Olbermann Lampoons DJT with Blasts from the Past (VIDEO)

Keith Olbermann channels the oldies in this bouyant lampoon of you-know-who.

The Closer, Vol. 4. The Trump horror show is stranger than fiction.

Keith Olbermann Fillets Guilliani and Brokaw |GQ The Closer Part II| (Video)

Keith Olbermann eviscerates Rudy Guilliani and Tom Brokaw in his second GQ The Closer, dated 14 September 2016.

Watch his first episode of The Closer.