After all , this is all

we can do.

Plunge into the ink,

the dawn and dusk,

the start and stop,

the happenstance or

coincidence, the few

moments of consideration.

What counts in these

nether seconds is

the doing.

Results are a lazy trade

of possibility, the target

that keeps moving.

Go blindly and become

obedient to whimsy,

that statute of mirth.

Copyright 2010 TAW

FEBRUARY 2, 2019

I adopted my pen name Grace Laine years ago when I taught college students and saw that professors were fired for their online content. I’ve grown fond of the name and it has a personal connection to my identity so I’ve held onto it.

Wrting about myself is one of those things I avoid. It ends up sounding too fluffy or too boastful or too formulaic. And frankly, it doesn’t make much sense to cloak my identity and then reveal my identity.

I’ll just say that I have my share of experience in the world and that equity among all is a principle that moves me. I’ve written a lot of words, many have been published but I stopped sending out my work some years back (Publication / is the Auction / of the Mind). I have my degrees including an MFA in Poetry from Antioch University – Los Angeles. The really curious can find me in Letters to the World (Red Hen Press, 2008), an anthology of feminist women poets, writing about a certain Mexican artist.

This blog has evolved into a treatise for the removal of Donald Trump, whom I consider a threat to our democracy and a catalyst for global catastrophe.

Readers will need patience. My articles have become longer, more factually developed pieces that require time to read and digest. I realize this is the antithesis to much of today’s digital media but it’s needed.  I often spend days and sometimes months completing a post, pausing for research, the news cycle, interrupting myself with briefer articles, losing interest and then resuming enthusiasm. And of course, there’s life.

I thank my loyal followers who’ve made me feel I wasn’t screaming into the void.

MARCH 16, 2019

On 9 March 2019, Jack Dorsey banned me from Twitter for daring to criticize Donald Trump. My single tweet was labeled a “violation.” It was no violation. It was a legitimate expression based on common sense. I have joined the gaslit nation, one of the many portrayed unfairly and silenced unilaterally. Meanwhile millions of bots and thousands of violent people continue their soulless attack on decency, on democracy, on what I hold holy. And Jack Dorsey, like his counterpart Mark Zuckerberg, allows it.

This was my second suspension from Twitter. The first was also for criticizing Donald Trump. This is no coincidence.

I will not stop criticizing Donald Trump and his henchmen.

I will not stop exercising my First Amendment right to expose the criminality of this regime.

Our rights as a free nation and the values underpinning them are under constant assault. I will not be silent. I will not be silenced.

Silence is complicity. I believe that. — Lynn Nottage

If you reprint any of my posts, please use “Grace Laine” for purposes of attribution.