Beyound the Norm

About the Writer

“Grace Laine”

Like many, I blog and travel online under a pseudonym. It’s a name that I’ve grown fond of and it does have a personal connection to my identity.

While I haven’t been in the publishing loop for some years, I’m a published poet with an MFA in Creative Writing from Antioch University – Los Angeles. Prior to and after my grad work in poetry, I wrote pretty much everything – short of fan fiction and screenplays.

My work has been published in national trade and human interest magazines and organizational publications as varied as VFW and Holistic Education Review along with a number of print and digital poetry journals including the Harrington Lesbian Fiction Quarterly. I’m proud to be included in Letters to the World (Red Hen Press), an anthology of feminist women poets. And I was honored to be named as a Pushcart Prize nominee for a short poem called “Breath.”

Apart from blogging, my other work is to instruct college students on the rigid demands of academic writing. I do this to keep alive their juicy writing voice, distinct from the cold structure of the formal essay. And more importantly, to understand the demands of forming a cognizant, persuasive argument. If we cannot think holistically, if we cannot discern fact from fiction, then we are fodder for blowhards and opportunists.

Lastly, I’m an “entrepreneur,” an occupation that has taken different forms over the years including newspaper publisher and graphic designer, and currently exists as a sporadic online vendor.

This blog is not likely to have a single focus. I’ll cross the line many times, moving from reflection to petty gripes and occasional surprise. Don’t expect that I will always consider you, the reader, in the course of my writing.

You can expect fact-based prose, spontaneous tirades, fillups of thought and plenty of politically-inspired posts during election campaigns.

If you reprint any of my posts, please contact me for purposes of attribution.