Violence in Nevada from Sanders’ Delegates

The video above is how a Democratic Party state convention ought to appear: candidate followers cheer their victory. Unfortunately, the followers/delegates of Bernie Sanders transformed partisanship into childish rage at the Nevada democratic convention on May 14th when their votes came up short for their candidate. That rage included vocally disrupting the proceedings, booing Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer and Sanders’ surrogate Nina Turner, fisticuffs and injury to at least one person.

Below are a collection of on site videos posted on social media, showing the increasingly violent nature of Bernie Sanders’ campaign followers.

The Clark County NV convention last month foreshadowed this disruptive behavior. During that meeting, the credentials chair, a Sanders’ supporter, was removed following irregularities with instructions to delegates.

This first video is posted by a Sanders’ advocate who called the comments of Senator Boxer “a disgrace.” So when Boxer says, “We need civility in the Democratic Party,” and “the whole future of the country is at stake,” Bernie’s fans consider it disgraceful. This is the clearest sign that his followers have no loyalty to the Democratic Party or at the least have no concept of how the election process works or how their behavior impacts this election.

As the booing continued, delegates for Hillary Clinton urged these people to “Take your seats,” so the convention could proceed.

More videos showing the rowdiness of Sanders’ delegates during convention proceedings.

Although the facts aren’t clear, it appears that the Sanders’ delegates turned physically violent. A woman’s voice, perhaps Sen. Boxer or Roberta Lange,  is heard in this video: “We need a medic in the front – medic in the front.”

This video captures the moment when the Sanders’ delegates went beserk. Convention chair Roberta Lange ruled on a motion and then gaveled the convention to a close. At this point, it had extended for over 12 hours.

The response to Lange was immediate screaming, cursing and rushing the dais. The hotel hosting the convention was forced to call armed security as a result.

and then this video at about the same time (some viewers may not see the video but the audio is clear).

More videos are found at this RealClear Politics piece, which is unabashedly pro-Sanders. You’ll see videos by someone named Adrean Ashley, also a Sanders supporter. You’ll see the Sanders’ crowd erupt in fury with men jumping up and down, shaking their fists in the air, and one picking up a chair and swirling it above his head. Then you’ll hear a shocked Ashley comment on the hotel security, who were called to restore order. According to her, the melodramatic and aggressive behavior of her friends is justified and the hotel security are part of some conspiracy to elect Hillary Clinton.

This tweet reveals the proclivity for violence among Sanders’ followers.

The following day, the Sanders’ delegates held a “protest” at the site of the Democratic National Committee where they defaced the building with graffiti.

What madness is this?

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  1. WOW really, and you call yourself a journalist, a professor even? You are so obviously biased becasue there isn’t one video of a person throwing a chair in the sea of people with high definition cameras in their pockets. You are spreading lies to further your status quo agenda. Why would any one of the highly mobalized and organized force that are the millions of Bernie supporters even think about supporting Hillary after this? Hillary won by 30 delegates. 58 Bernie delegates were stopped from coming in along with a few Hillary delegates which you can check. Your hurting the democarcy you say you care so much about. Actually according to Princeton we have lived in an Oligarchy for 30 years. But you think that Clinton can defeat the system she is apart of. Happy trails sheep


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