Why #ImWithHer

Millions of us are fighting for Hillary Clinton. We’re found in social media quickly. Just look for the #ImWithHer hashtag. Each of us has his/her own motivation for choosing Hillary rather than her primary opponent, Bernie Sanders.

Here’s one woman who put her motivations down in a flowing stream of consciousness.


…just finished reading Sanders’ 1972 rape fantasy essay which he published. In 26 years in Congress, he failed to cause, define or bring that revolution he’s been talking about, and he did not champion women’s rights. He’s no feminist. Hillary’s record of advocacy for families, children, civil rights, human rights, women’s rights shows her intellectual ability and strength. She’s the feminist, and in 227 years of male rule — all U.S. Presidents have been male — the glass ceiling has to be shattered. A qualified, effective woman will be president, finally, of this country.

Suffrage was achieved without a shot fired, and women’s suffrage was a 72-year philosophical war, but bloodless.

I’m voting for Hillary and defining what feminism means to me along the way.

In addition, gun violence is a critical issue of importance. Only Hillary has plans to reduce it and to challenge the NRA. The phony, male-dominated Left will proceed to degrade and try to destroy everything Hillary does.

 ~@pferal, 11 February 2016

Posted with permission of the author.

I look forward to making this #ImWithHer Motivation a series of essays, brainstorms, tweets, photos, thoughts as the 2016 Primary campaign moves forward. I’d love to include YOU. Please send me a Reply below or a request by email and I’ll be in touch ASAP.


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