Bernie Gets $10 Million in Mystery Donations from Washington D.C.

Paperwork submitted on behalf of Bernie Sanders’ political action committee shows over $10 million in unnamed contributions pouring in from the nation’s capital.

The mystery money appears on a Schedule A-P filed with the Federal Election Commission (FEC) by the Bernie 2016 presidential campaign committee with a receipt date of 30 June 2015. The report shows $10,465,912.39 in “Unitemized” receipts for the Primary election. (Transaction ID VPF7BEDRRH8E, page 9845.)

This report highlights the already problematic donations to Bernie 2016. On 11 February, $23 million was cited by the FEC as in violation of campaign finance regulations.

The federal form states that the $10 million is an aggregate of individual $35 donations, all with the same date and all originating from Washington, D.C.  This would require 299,026 separate donors, which equals roughly half the population of the capital.

Under federal campaign finance law, disclosure is required on contributions over $200. Thus, the $35 donations do not appear in violation. However, given the relatively small population of D.C. and the lack of support for Sanders among legislators, the 300K individual contributions do appear highly questionable.

Under campaign finance law, government contractors are also prohibited from making donations to political campaigns.


  1. I knew that was too much money contributed from individuals. There are persons who own companies also that are not corporations but would be considered the same as Super pacs

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  2. Considering less than an hours “work” from 3 in the top 1 % would easily account for YUGE! Sums. It is pocket change to make a Rovian attack like this

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  3. Read the FEC document. It is available online. Nearly every one of the violations listed is an individual who has made too many $50 donations and has inadvertently exceeded the maximum amount allowed.


  4. What is “bernie2016?” It’s not “Bernie’s PAC,” even if this group is doing bad things, do you have evidence the PAC is even related to the campaign and not a hit job?


  5. I’ve been watching the FEC story for about a week now. While this post isn’t identical this
    I think the fact that ” Most of the contributions cited by the commission were given by donors with relatively unusual names, whose small checks are generally easier to tally.” is very significant. At first I thought that perhaps the Sanders camp was clumsily trying to hide something. After giving it some thought, it sure does look like Rove’s work.

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  6. Saw your blog post on Facebook and wanted to let you know this is not true. You obviously do not donate money to left wing causes or candidates if you do not know that ACT BLUE is not a PAC. They collect money for most democratic candidates and causes.


  7. He is being voted for by Republican’s in the Primaries who will vote Republican in the General. In the 12 or so Free states where they can do that, he is also being funded,big time, by the Right. Koch has minions to donate with his money, in fact the Kochs seem to be playing both ends toward the middle also funding Cruz. Bernie won’t release donors names, but wants Hillary’s speech transcripts. I do not like his whole vibe. Can you imagine him sitting with World leaders in crumpled suits spitting his words? Embarrassing! The UK went to Parliament to ban Trump from their shores, I imagine Bernie isn’t welcome either, and can you imagine him trying to get along with any Arab leaders?

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  8. They could have all come from the same PO Box in DC. A lockbox for donations. Sloppy reportage by Sanders campaign, maybe, but still under the law, but and definitely sloppy reportage and lazy investigation by the released report.


  9. I find this a desparete attempt by the corporate & political agendas of those in DC to keep their pre-choosen canidate in the running for POTUS so that this country remains under corporate control and the 99% continue to be used and controlled

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    1. As I said in the previous comment, this information comes directly from the Bernie2016 filing to the Federal Election Commission (FEC). If you think it’s not believable, bring it up with Susan Lewis, Treasurer for Bernie2016.

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  10. I call bs. I see no evidence of this. We’re supposed to believe it because one website (of a Hillary supporter) says it’s true? This is not journalism.

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    1. Again, this information comes directly from the Bernie2016 official report filed with the FEC. Call it what you like, deny it if you like. But the fact remains that the information comes from Bernie’s PAC.

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  11. Saw this link on Twitter and was intrigued by the accusation. It seems you misunderstood the FEC form, however. It doesn’t say anywhere that the $10mil figure is an aggregate of $35 donations; the $35 is a separate line item and just reflects that Martin Zweifler’s $35 contribution (on the previous page) was made thru ActBlue. All contributions thru ActBlue by individuals who have donated more than $200 in the election cycle are double listed – once with the individual’s info and once with ActBlue’s info – but only reflected once in the subtotals on each page. The $10mil is unitemized receipts, presumably from people who have not yet reached the $200 threshold at which disclosure is required ($100 from 100,000 people, for example, which seems plausible). No disclosure = no addresses, so the DC address you mention perhaps refers to the Sanders office in DC but certainly doesn’t mean that all of the contributions which went into that total originated in DC. The irrelevance of that address is evidenced by the zip code listed, 00000, which does not exist.

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    1. I think if you study the paperwork submitted to the FEC by Bernie2016, you’ll see your interpretation doesn’t work.

      The total amount of contributions submitted for the District of Columbia is $10,486,531. The amount in question is $10,465,912. So if you subtract those two numbers, there is a balance of $20,619.

      There are 59 individual donation from D.C. If you add up the 58 which are itemized with name, address, and individual transaction ID, you see they total $20,619.

      In other words, 58 contributions are accounted for with individual names, addresses, etc., and one contribution in the amount of $10,465,912 is listed as “Unitemized total.” There is no name, address, etc associated with this single contribution. Under the FEC block for “Amount of each contribution for this period” is entered “35.00.”

      If you use simple math and logic, it’s clear that 58 people donated a total of $20,619 and then there is one huge contribution with no names, attributed to single $35 donations, totalling $10,465,912.

      $10,465,912 + $20,619 = $10,486,531.

      $10,486,531 = the total contributions for Washington, D.C.

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    2. Actually, if you go to this link you can see the DC contributions broken down. Interestingly some are listed as individuals but clearly are LLC’s and the vast majority list “unemployed” instead of an employer. I think that is interesting just in and of itself. I can see why the FEC might want to investigate that.

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    3. Strike that last comment. I do see on page 6 one unitemized item of 10,465,912. If you click on it the form attached shows that this was all done in 35.00 donations. No names or breakdowns. All from Washington DC. All on June 30, 2015.

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      1. Exactly. Do the math. How many individual $35 donations equal $10 million? Over half the entire population of D.C., which is where they originated. It’s mathematically impossible for this to occur. Thus “Mystery donations.”

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  12. Isn’t the ActBlue political PAC headquartered in Washing, DC? Millions of people donate to Bernie’s campaign via the ActBlue PAC website. Therefore, the multitude of $35 donations sounds perfectly legit to me.

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    1. I’m not sure you’re looking at the same FEC report. This article is specific to a single page in a report which lists $10M in donations, each reported as $35 apiece and all on 30 June 2015. There’s no problem with donating $35. What is suspicious is that 10 million dollars divided by $35 equals almost 299,000 individual donations. It’s possible that this many people all decided to pitch in $35 on the same day… but the possibility really stretches reason.

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