Hillary Clinton at Rutgers

Hillary Clinton is a necessary reality check today when we’re knee deep in idiocy and normalcy is hard to define.

Take a refreshing draught of what-really-matters. Give yourself time to listen. Let  Hillary’s intelligence and insight guide you through these dark days.

(Skip forward to 14:20 and avoid the long preamble prior to Hillary’s introduction.)


Take that, Barack! Donald Fights Back.

Poor Donald.

First it was news of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton claiming Most Admired status – again – for the tenth time in just as many years. What a crushing blow to his fantastical ego. That was two days ago and instantly, the news swept through the airwaves and social media platforms. Hillary and Barack fans cheered while he sulked at his Mar-a-Lago estate. It was a piercing reminder that he – the President of the United States – could not make the cover of Time and could not claim the Gallup’s prestigious title. The hurrahs for his two arch enemies dug into his psyche like eagle claws. The news all but drowned out Donald’s Big and Only Win at the close of Congress.

On the same day, the BBC interview featuring Prince Harry and Barack Obama broke. The video went viral at the snap of a finger. There he was – casual, happy, vigorous and fit even with his all-natural greying hair. Barack still being Barack. Confident, unbroken, a clean balance of the scholar, the wit and the human. And in the company of a Royal in the country that called for a ban on Trump. Continue reading “Take that, Barack! Donald Fights Back.”

Hillary Clinton At Women for Women International [Video]

Originally posted on Hillary Clinton Speeches: On Tuesday afternoon, Hillary Clinton was a guest of the Women for Women International Luncheon in New York City. During the event, Clinton had a conversation with Christiane Amanpour. The two discussed a number of issues including the Donald Trump administration, a potential conflict with North Korea, and the 2016…

via Clinton Discusses Election at Women for Women Luncheon — freeandclear1

The Steele Dossier: Who Knew And When

One of the more puzzling questions in this political universe of odd affairs has to do with what’s called the Steele Dossier and when US officials knew about its existence.

Christopher Steele, contracted first by Republican and then Democratic party entities in 2016 to investigate possible Russian ties to the Trump campaign.

This packet of information from Christopher Steele, a former spy with Britain’s M16 agency, contains 35 pages of data gleaned from his Russian sources over a six month period extending from June through December 2016.

The dossier is the key to #RussiaGate and all that term encompasses. Its many allegations – some confirmed and others under investigation – trace a connection between Donald Trump and key players in his campaign and Russian actors. It records alleged attempts by the Russian state to deliberately harm the presidential bid of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. According to Steele’s sources, the black op was coordinated, paid and enacted by the Kremlin and Trump campaign staff. Continue reading “The Steele Dossier: Who Knew And When”