These are the least among us. Every home has a box of bandages. My home has a box of multi-sized Band-Aids, useful for small nicks and large lacerations. I have rolls of waterproof tape and gauze pads. I would no more be without bandages than vitamins or coffee or toilet paper. They are home essentials.

But here in my prison aka rehab facility, no bandages can be found. This lack of bandages is a useful red flag.

A rehab facility, owned by a hospital management corporation that cannot provide bandages to its patients is in a state of collapse. It is most certainly not providing “compassionate, personalized care to all.”

The lack of bandages could mean many things. Perhaps there are no staff available to apply the bandage. Yes, that sounds crazy. But where I sit, in my room, in this rehab facility, for some illogical reason, patients are not allowed to apply bandages to their body, even if they are capable and willing. A staff shortage is also indicated when the facility requires that nurses are the only designated medical attendant allowed to apply a bandage, as in my prison.

Then we have to ask why is there a staff deficit? Is it because no one in management is capable of creating a weekly schedule? Or is it because there is not enough money to pay for a nurse to apply that bandage? Or is this just one more in the now expected avalanche of lies blasted out by the medical staff to patients?

According to staff here willing to talk, and that includes a nurse, the patient load is not sustainable. A few days ago, one nurse served 35 patients on this ward. Why is that?

I will ponder these questions in the hours and days to come well I wait for my Band-Aids. But we all know that what is really required are the answers to these questions.

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