The Shallow Pond of Daytime TV

With the exception of the four o’clock hour, daytime MSNBC is polluted with off kilter punditry and whacky airheads. When it comes to the Democratic party and its primary contenders, these bobbleheads consistently disguise personal opinion as analysis.

We should not be surprised. There’s not a legitimate journalist among the pack of them. It’s disheartening though, especially after their collective mess of 2016.

Take the morning anchor show with Joe Scarborough. Just this week, he and his pseudo feminist spouse were fuming over the revelation (long known to many of us) that Bernie Sanders is a chauvinist bore, a misogynist ass with like-minded bros. At issue is a private chat between Sanders and Senator Elizabeth Warren. According to reports, Bernie didn’t believe a woman was electable as POTUS.

Whoa! Joe is spitting mad. He’s outraged. How dare such a ludicrous and petty claim come forward! How dare Warren substantiate the remark. Why this is just crass. Trivial. Insignificant. There are such Important matters at hand, why in the world would Warren degrade her candidacy by revealing a private conversation?

Yes, nods Mika. It’s awful. Just awful. Why talk about gender and the highest office in the land, wonders the anti-Hillary, pro-woman-when-it-profits-her spouse?

Neither of them and none of their guests makes the logical connection: sexist Bernie in 2020 is no different from sexist Bernie of 2016. The hateful Bernie bros who villified Hillary Clinton and her supporters are repeating the misogynistic attacks in 2020.

But Joe would like to ignore those facts. Mika is comfortable forgetting that mass misogyny. Joe and the gang are fixated on something else. Gender inequality is unimportant. They don’t want to talk about that. No, it harkens back to 2016 and — Hillary Clinton — and the backslapping bigmouths on Morning Joe sure as hell don’t want Hillary Clinton’s name uttered. That’s anathema. Hillary is forbidden territory. The hell with the Hillary Coalition. Forget the 65 million who voted for Hillary.

Nope, let’s talk about the lousy Democratic Party structure.  Let’s bludgeon it. After all, it’s the fault of the party that Kamala and Cory have suspended their campaigns. Yep, attack the Dems over decisions made by candidates. Attack the Dems over poor polling. Attack the Dems over paltry donations. It’s the Party’s fault. And oh by the way, the really important issue is that Cory and Kamala dropped out – not that the old white guy – still running – demeans women.

Everyone got that message? So on this particular morning, the airheads will elevate racial disparity among the slate of candidates but only at the expense of validating the misogyny of Bernie.  In other words, feign outrage over supposed racism AFTER two candidates of color drop out but don’t dare validate the chauvinist still running.

And then there’s the childish, utterly ignorant Stephanie Ruhle who demands to know Who are these Twitter Democrats!? as if referring to an aberrate class of subhumans. The same anchor who called Lev Parnas a “criminal” and gets absolutely giddy over The Royals to the point of volunteering on air to get Meghan a nanny. Puhleeze.

On and on it goes. The babble of the bubbleheads on daytime MSNBC – the same fluff and misdirection that led to the election of the mob boss – never stops. It’s not that they haven’t learned. On the contrary, they do not care. This tower of babble serves a single purpose: they feed the greed machine. The more outlandish their words, the more the revenue spikes.

It’s sad. This is what feeds our imagination, day after day. We are drowning in the shallows.


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  1. This is why I read this blog. I’ve been saying many of the same things since before the 2016 election. I want to see Sanders and Biden out of the race for exactly the reasons mentioned here. When Senator Kamala Harris dropped out I was devastated for the country. A brilliant woman of color out? Beyond bad. When Senator Cory Booker dropped out I cried. Another brilliant candidate gone by the wayside. I gave up cable TV a couple of years ago so I can’t watch the early MSNBC ‘coverage,’ but I can listen to podcasts of the prime time shows. I refuse to miss Rachel Maddow.


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